Little League Marketing

Once again this year I will be sponsering my sons baseball team which means the team will be wearing my name on the uniforms. The lady in charge of concessions approached me about selling my pizza there by the slice. What she proposed was that they would buy the warmer and we just supply the pizza. She wants us to give them to her free and in return we can post a billboard on the field and put advertisments on the concession stand saying that the pizza is provided by us. What does everyone think of this idea?

i would at least sell to them for cost maybe $5 each instead of full price we sell them to our local concession for $7 cut them into 6 slice they sell them for $2 a piece so they profit $5 we get to post signs they souldnt get all the profit

How do you handle any liability issues?..Has any one had any problems with their insurance company?..Do you notify your insurer that you are making sales for re-sale?..

I’m doing the same exact thing. I would rather provide them with food than cash any day. I provide my LL with pizzas but with a limit. Find out what sponsorship would run (say $500 for example), then tell the LL that you’ll provide them with that amount with discounted pizzas (say $5 per pizza). 100 pizzas might run about $150 in food cost, which is much better than shoveling out $500 in cash. Plus, the marketing value is much higher if your brand is all over the place at the fields and they’re eating your product.

We sponsor a team that plays on the field right behind us. Our pizza is down at the concession stand for every game. We supply them with 16" 8-cut pies for $6 each. They sell the slices for $1.50. They have our sign down there and they also do fundraising with us each year selling peel-a-deal cards so they have money for equipment and uniforms.

Definitely a win-win situation.

td,what type of fundraising do they do?