Live chat with Peter Reinhart, Wed. Oct 8th, 2pm CT, Think Tank Homepage

Peter Reinhart Explains New Flour Types

in Live Webchat at PMQ Think Tank

Author and pizza maker Peter Reinhart will be the guest in PMQ’s upcoming live webchat, “New Developments in the World of Flour,” to be presented at 2 p.m. (CT), Wednesday, October 8, in PMQ’s Think Tank forum. There’s a world of change coming in the realm of flour, including new types of wheat (and the revival of some old types), sprouted flours, regionally specific and locally milled flour options and more. Staying on top of these developments just might give you a competitive edge as the trends begin to morph into major movements. Reinhart is the author of “American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza” and other books on baking and breads. All members of the Think Tank can participate in the webchat, and non-members can create an account for free.

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Don’t forget!!! This Wednesday at 2pm CT, author Peter Reinhart will be giving all secrets of the world of flour away! Come ask anything you ever wanted to know about flour, baking and pizza crust. Right here on the hompage of the Think Tank.

Ok folks, today is the day!!! See you on the homepage at 2pm CT/3pm ET, you can also view the live presentation at See you there!

We have heard that some folks could not access the site during this chat. Please let me know here if you were among them. If you missed it we will play the video on once converted. It should be up in the next couple days. Thank you for you patience.