Lloyd Pans made to order?

I placed an order about 3 weeks ago for a single hearth bake disk to test out and it finally arrived today. Just wondering if this is a pretty standard thing for them? Seems pretty weird that they had to manufacture it to order. Figured they’d have at least one disk laying around somewhere…

I want to try a quik-disk next and if i would have known how long it takes to get something i would have ordered both at the same time… oops… So much for getting the disks before the weekend!

I guess I’m spoiled in todays world of e-commerce with places like zappos or amazon doing same-day/next-day crazy fast shipping. It makes 3 weeks seem like an eternity.

I did the exact same thing about 8 months ago. I ordered one hearth disk paid alot to ship it, waited for a few weeks then recieved it.
I ordered a bunch of quick disks 17” awhile back (3yrs ago) used them once.I could send you one

I had ordered all of my pans from them about 2 weeks before we opened last year. Then I got a confirmation email saying they would arrive in 6-8 weeks. I called and cancelled the order. It doesn’t seem like anything even listed on their site is kept in stock. No thanks. That’s like calling me for a pizza and me saying it’ll be ready tomorrow.

While I can’t comment on how they inventory their products, I will say their quick disks are a phenomenal product when compared to a typical screen. I can remember having to constantly reseason screens on a weekly basis and still have pizzas stick on a nearly daily basis. I can’t recall more than a half a dozen pizzas sticking in the 10 years since I moved to the quick disks. Plus I still have the bulk of the disks I purchased 10 years ago in use, where as we would have replaced the screens a dozen times over or more. There might be other products out there as good and possibly cheaper, but they sure beat screens. Well worth the wait in my opinion. I know at least one of the big restaurant supply companies sell them, Maybe it’s worth it to see in they stock them. Check with Katom and Webstaurant.

I had the exact opposite experience, paul. Never had any sticking w/ screens and while we did season, never had to re-season. I had nothing but massive sticking problems w/ Lloyd disks.
I rarely replaced screens- a few here and there but they lasted forever- as in many years.

I think it just comes down to your product. I have screens that are over 10 years old and have never needed to be reseasoned. I have used the discs a few times over the years but i prefer screens.

Not saying one is better over the other, just it depends on what your making and how your making it.

Agreed… find it funny, though. Not sure if it’s the dough… maybe store temps, cornmeal vs flour, procedures,

we got our pans after about 5 week so yeah it seems they don’t keep an inventory. they have been amazing! nothing sticks and actually cut down our cook time on deep dish pizzas by about 8 minutes. I cant say good enough things about them

I needed more pans in a rush so I called LLoyd Pans to see what they had in stock. I had the pans 4 days later and one of the days was due to the border inspection folks. I think they have certain items that are standard stock and ready to ship.

Mine usually arrive in a couple of weeks, but have been longer at times. We switched to the Quick Disk 5 years ago and they have worked great. I still have all my original disk but have had to add more to adapt to higher volumes. For screens 6 months was a good lifespan, the Quick Disk are already 60 months old now.

The bake is far superior and much more consistent.