lloyd pizza disk

Has anyone ever used the Lloyd quick disk or hex disc. I currently use pizza screens and I am thinking of changing but am unsure about using them. Are they really non stick and do they really not need seasoning. Looking for advise.

many folks here use Llyod’s products…yes, no seasoning required & they don’t stick…pricey for some, but quite durable…

They work great. We have purchased around 1000 of them so far and would never go back to screens.

Ok… now… here we go.
In the 32 years I’ve been in the pizza business NOTHING has given me more trouble than Lloyd’s discs. NOTHING!
I don’t know if I got a bad batch, am just unlucky, or what but…
I was so excited to get them and switch from screens but had nothing but the most horrific sticking problems.
I know… I’m the exception.
Get some and try them… see how you do.

Where is the best place to order the discs and who has the best price

I use them at both of my stores and love them. I did have to season them when I first got them but never since. At one of the stores we keep a stockpile of the regular screens for the super busy nights(no reason to bring in an extra 100 disks for just 20 nights a year) and the only pizzas that ever stick are on the regular screens. It’s rare that one sticks to even those but it sucks when it happens.

Buy them directly from Lloyd Pans and if you buy enough they will give you a discount, up to 40% depending on how many you purchase.

Just purchased a hearth bake disk to try it in my MM 360 conveyor. Anyone tried this? Did you have to change your dough recipe and/or oven settings?

When using the Hearth Bake Disk in your MM-360 air impingement oven you should eliminate any sugar, eggs or milk from the dough formula and then increase the oven temperature to 490 to 510F and set the bake time to 5.25-minutes then adjust accordingly to give the best bake.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom. Eliminating the sugar just to offset extra browning? I used to have a deck oven and I had a great dough recipe then but changed it for my conveyor. My deck oven dough had 3% shortening, 2.27% sugar, and 47% water. Had a crispy crust. Will this also have the same crispy crust in just 5.25?

thanks alot

I don’t use the disks, but I did recently order the Detroit style pan and another round pan with the silver/gray coating and experimented with different things and never had a sticking issue. I’m going to use garlic butter for flavor, but it doesn’t stick even without it.

We just got a few for our gluten free pizzas… we cook our regular pizzas in their deep dish pans and they are great. Only problem is they lay flat and sometimes our pans run over them in the oven if employees aren’t careful. I actually have 1 Cuisinart pizza pan I got from Amazon for 11 bucks that is my favorite because it has a little lip on it and keeps the pans from running up on it. Plus we can use our normal pan grippers to get it out, as opposed to the peel. Obviously if all you do is screens than that’s not a problem… but for the price I wish I had just bought a few more of these things. In fact, I probably will.

By eliminating the sugar, milk, or eggs from the dough formula you allow the crust to be baked for a longer time to help develop crispiness without developing too much crust color. The Hearth Bake Disk allows you to do just that in an air impingement oven. The cloud pattern holes allow for some dark spotting on the bottom of the crust just as you would get in a high temperature deck oven and the solid edge on the pan prevents the development of a “pizza bone” aka very hard edge crust due to the high airflow characteristics of the air impingement oven excessively drying the edge of the crust during baking. Believe it or not, a lot of thought went into developing that baking platform in addition to several months of trial bakes to find the best baking parameters.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom, my pan arrives on Friday and looking forward to testing it out!