LLoyds Hearth baked disks

Been baking on screens for 10 years now and I’m always looking to improve my product. So my question is are these Hearth baked disks as good as people talk about? I have a triple stack XLT 3240 conveyor. I see that lloyds has different styles of disks are some better than others?

I tested both the Quick disc and the Hex disc and found no difference in the bake.
I went with the Quick disc for the price savings and they are a little more heavy duty. I have been using them exclusively for 2.5 years now and every one of them is still baking the same as the first day we broke them out of the box. The only downfall is that our customers have become so happy and sales have increased so much that we have had to order more Quick disc to keep up with demand.

I don’t have experience with the disks, but I will say that I have been using a couple of their pans with their dark gray coating and the coating holds up very well and bakes great.

We use the quick disks and have had absolutely zero problems in 3 years with them. Easy to clean, hard to break.

Piggybacking off of Tony’s question here.

We are switching to a conveyor from a Deck oven and have been using the screens for years. Are the Lloyd discs that much better than the screens to justify the huge price difference? I would like to keep as much of the deck oven bake characteristics as possible, but I am looking at about $1500 to replace my screens with the Lloyd discs. Any advice and recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

They are less money in the long run. I was lucky to 6 months out of screens. My yearly cost was around $8.00 per screen.

If the Quick disc last 5 years at $16 per screen the yearly cost is $3.20
If it last 10 years the cost drop to $1.60

don’t forget, you need less of the Quick discs, as the cool off quit quickly, allowing for quick reuse…

I need to ask, What one of LLyods disks styles are the best suited for the brick oven taste and look of a deck oven?is it the hex style the cloud style, the round or whatever style works the best to get the results I’m looking for?

The Hearth Bake Disks are designed specifically to impart a hearth baked characteristic to thin crust pizzas baked in air impingement ovens, however to accomplish this some things must be in place, the dough formula cannot contain and sugar, milk or eggs as these will result in excessive crust color development, then the bake temperature must be increased to 500 to 525F for older ovens or 475 to 490F for any of the newer generation air impingement ovens. The disks are designed to allow the pizza to be baked at these temperatures without developing excessive crust color or more importantly a hard edge crust aka “pizza bone”. The strange shaped holes in the disk allow the bottom crust to develop some localized char just as it would in a hot deck oven, which brings up another often asked question, can the Hearth Bake Disks be used in a deck oven? Sure they can be used but they won’t perform as expected since the disks were designed specifically for use in air impingement ovens. The Hex Disks were designed to flow as much air as a screen and perform in a similar manner but with vastly improved durability.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor