Llyod hearth bake and quick bake disks

HOLY COW these things must be made of gold to warrant the price they are listed at. I purchased a few of these used on ebay and used them through the weekend with some pretty good results. I figured I would buy some of each size pizza that I sell to make sure I want to switch from screens to these. But they cost over $22 for a 16" disk! Needing over 100 disks it would cost me nearly as much for disks as my makeline cost new. Are their other companies that make and sell these things cheaper?

Welcome 2 my world! - Ya, they’re rather costly - call 'em up & they’ll give you maybe a 20% volume discount, maybe…but they’ll last 4 ever! - I’ve got some 6-7 yrs old…just need 2 re-flaten from time 2 time…

you may not need quite as many as the screens you now use…start w/4-5 dz - they do stay a bit hotter/longer than screens as well

Call Pizzatools.com (same corp) - they may not have in stock the quantity you want either - could be a week or 2 for production…

So does anyone know if someone makes knock offs of these for less money?

Sorta reminds me about the story of the guy buying oats, when he found what they were asking for them he asks “Don’t you have any cheaper oats that I can buy?” Sure, the clerk responds, we have some that are being processed by the horse right now, if you don’t mind waiting, I can have some for you in just a little bit. In short, you get what you pay for.
There are other baking disks that look like the Lloyd Disks, but they were not designed to bake like them, and they don’t. Plus, the anodized finish probably won’t be as permanent or as non-stick, you will soon learn to love that aspect of the Lloyd disks and pans. The Lloyd pans and disks are about as “bullet proof” as you can get. We have had ours in use for umpteen years now, I really can’t remember how many, and they’re still just as good as when they were new. By just one size, at first, and when you get what you need, then go to the next size. In a few years you should be able to convert all of your pans over. The neat thing is that the new pans/disks will bake just as good as the old ones. Do keep in mind though that Quik Disks and Hearth Bake Disks are not the same disk. They differ in design.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Let me add my 2 cents. What really makes the difference is the PSTK finish. Lloyd Quik-Disks are pre-seasoned so all you have to do is a light wash and they are ready to go. They do not get plugged up so you have a consistent bake every time and they are oh so easy to keep clean. So not only will you save money from a much longer useful life, you will save time (which equals money) with less cleaning and achieve a consistent bake for better quality control. Did I mention the non-stick surface?

Lloyd Rep

While these may all be valid reasons to buy these disks, I just can’t justify spending that much. They perform well in my Edge oven, but not so well that I can come to grips with spending that much to replace my screens.

Just a thought on this subject, b/c I’m going to be deciding it in the very near future for myself (God willing!), but are you sure you need the massive number you’ve suggested? The HearthBake Disc I’ve been playing with at home for the last several months actually cools down fairly rapidly. I’m planning on puchasing 12 or so of each of the pie sizes we’ll produce and believe their temps will be back to “usable” quick enough to keep up with my planned demand.

Could be way wrong but it’s a thought.

A dozen of each size screens would not come close to working for me. I currently have around 60 screens in my primary size and 25 each in my two other sizes plus I keep some older screens around for large orders and the busiest nights when I will use all three ovens. I think you’ll find that you’ll quickly outgrow 12 screens/disks in your primary size.

Oh how I hope you are right!! :smiley:

Would you share with us about using your screens? Of the 60 screens in your primary size, how often do you replace them? Also, what is the criteria for replacement: bent, plugged up? Do you wash or clean your screens in between bakes? Anyone else?

I am not looking to argue about this, I am just honestly interested for our own internal knowledge. Thanks.

I replace my screens at a pace of about every 1.25 to 1.5 years. Some will last longer, some not so long. I would estimate that I probably replace 45 of my main size every year. I do not clean them, some get thrown out because the get clogged(generally the smaller screens) some get thrown out because they get bent. I have a one armed pizza maker so he picks them up from one edge causing the larger ones to bend quicker than they would at most places. Don’t get me wrong here I am not trying to bash on Llyod disks, I just had some sticker shock when I saw the price. My oven manufacturer(Edge Ovens) suggested I try these. I purchased some used ones on Ebay and was happy with the cook. I’m just looking for a less costly alternative. If the other brands aren’t as good, maybe I just need to keep watching for the real ones to get listed used on ebay and craigslist.

I don’t normally comment on equipment because everyone has diff needs, but I have used these for 4 years. They work great and yes they are expensive. However, I have never thrown any of them away. There is a reason you don’t find them on ebay often…they are durable.

Possibly if you just bought what you needed for replacements, it would not be as much as a sticker shock.

Have a talk with your oven guy and let him know that he needs to be careful on not bending them…they straighten easily if needed…you would be happy to know you probably won’t have to order as many for replacements later.

Think of them as your oven. You probably could have gotten a cheaper one with more maintenance later but you paid more up front for your Edge oven…because you thought it was worth it.


You have that many pies working at once…That is great… can you use one size for of your pies…what is the drawback to doing this…I have tried the disks at home and it wroked great

If I use only 16" disks, then I squander valuable deck real estate (same with conveyors) that could be holding more smaller sized pies. Even oven-inch-minute is absolutley critical in the “bum rush” hours. One of my decks will hold six 16" pies . . . but will hold probably eleven 12" pies or twenty+ 10" pies. We mix and match to use every hot inch to bake pies.

I do ponder the Lloyds pans occasionally. I have a deck, though, so the screens do a good job for me allowing the multi-topping pies to cook through before crust burns. We have not replaced every screen in 5 years. I probably throw out one of each of three sizes every 6 months. Loooong ROI on those fancy, expensive pans. I don’t begrudge the price, just don’t see the fit for me.

Nick you have it backwards…just use the smaller pans if you need more room… :wink:

You asked the drawbacks of using “one size” for pies. I listed a big drawback. Did I miss the boat again?

How do you use a 12" disk for a 16" pie?

I think it was a joke, hence the :wink:

I guess I forgot to add my own :wink:

lol…Nick…I was as Paul pointed out making a joke…I guess it was poor… :roll:…(actually I thought it was pretty funny)…along the lines of custormers who want you to sell something for a loss but make it in volume…

You did point out a very good reason as to why one size pans would be a drawback…