Local Grande Mozz Pricing?

Hello Fellow Grande users,
I sure would like to know what my fellow New England area operators are paying for their WM or PS mozz loaf, shredded or Diced. We’re using WM Diced at this time after recently switching from years & years of using loaf. Any users from Mass, Ny, CT, NH, VT or Maine on here willing to share their cost and maybe their per unit usage? We have 3 locations.

Not New England. St. Louis here, but just switching to WM Diced. $3.36 a pound vs. 3.79 for block.


$3.01 Grande PS diced

East closed blend shredded $3.01 in Connecticut

Ok guys, that seems on target with my pricing of $3.15lb for shredded or diced. I’m told there’s another $.14 cents a pound charged for freight to get it to northern NewEngland. I wonder what profit margin is in it for the Grande distributor?

Your loaf is more $$ than your diced?

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New England

Grande blocks $2.99

Grande East Coast Diced $2.97

Grande P/S Diced $3.00

We interchangeably use diced East Coast and diced P/S

$3.23 in Richmond Va, I only buy 200pds a week, that may be why its high. I text my rep a couple times a month “is the price mozz right?” and he usaally lowers it a little.

December, thanks for the info. who’s your Grande distributor ?

Colony Foods out of Massachusetts.

Yes, I don’t get it but I will take it.


Also not in NE area but I’m in Georgia and we made the switch from Grande to Saputo Gold lasy year and our customers prefer it and we are $2.02 a pound. If you can get a sample maybe try it. We buy roughly 800 pounds a week so around $1.10 a pound cheaper was significant. Maybe an option.

I will keep Saputo Gold in mind when talking to my distributors. That’s a huge difference. I assume that’s a WM/PS Loaf price but sure they must have a diced or shred? I stopped into Red Rose pizzeria Springfield, MA several years ago, met the owner ( Tony), got a kitchen tour and I think that’s what they were using at the time. Their pizza was great in my opinion. They are busy!!!

It is WM/PS but that price for us is shredded!