local pizza owner has been spying on us with binoculars

So i hired a worker from the local Big chain pizza place, and the guy informs me that the owner of his old store sits in my parking lot 3-4 time a month and spys on us with binoculars to see how much sales we are doing and counting how many orders we are making and such.

I was literally shocked when i heard this, did not believe it at first, them hired another worker from his store who told me the exact same thing. This guy in insane, he even spys on my wifes store.

Would you just let it slide or would you tell him to stop stalking me and my woman? I was pist off when i heard this

I would not worry one bit about it. If he is concentrating on your business obviously he is not concentrating on his. Maybe you could send a pizza and a menu out to him the next time someone sees him spying.

I’d have some fun with it and turn the situation into a P.R. victory for you.

Catch him in the act. Take a good quality picture of him spying on you with his binoculars - try and get him and your store in the same shot. Then print up flyers using the photo(s) with his license plate blurred out and one of those black bars over his eyes with the caption, “What has the owner of this area’s National Pizza Chain so worried that he’s spying on us? Come on in and find out for yourself!” Roll out something new to market to your current customers or send out a new-customer letter using it.

I’m guessing that will end his outings pretty quickly.

I would SO do what the previous poster suggested…“deliver” him a nice pie in your parking lot! That would be precious!

When we were in our pre-planning stages I certainly did do a similar thing and kept tabs on both our local chain places. I also went so far as to have others order for me so I could tag their invoice numbers getting an exact number of sales per day etc. (neither place resets their invoice count). We trailed their delivery car on more than one occasion to get a count of how many deliveries were made per run etc. All in the name of due diligence.

You can never know too much about your competition…and you can never worry too much about them either. Just do what YOU do best and let it sort itself out in the end.

How sure are you that the two people that you just hired from his shop are not there just to get more “inside” information about your store? Sitting in a parking lot isn’t really going to tell you a whole lot other than how many people are coming in or how many people going out the door. BUT someone working there knows how you make things, what items sell best, what your sales are, etc.

I wouldn’t be too worried about someone staking out in the parking lot, because like a previous poster said, obviously he’s not focusing on his own business very well if he’s sitting out in front of yours.

Sure when I drive by one of my competitors I sneek a peak. But seriously…what an idiot. He is spending more time worried about your biz than his own. LOL

I would watch anything you all are throwing in the trash for sure a wacko like this is also a dumpster diver.

Let it go…if anything give him a wave but as for making posters, really turns both of your restaurants into a freak show. You have better things to do.

I got my eyes on you! :mrgreen: :shock:

How about this for a mailer

Its not mean or rude yet funny, and he will be the only one to get the joke


That ad is hilarious! Much more clever way of doing it rather than using actual picture of his car. That could possibly blow up in your face. I doubt the two new workers would be working on the “inside”. They probably would not have been so forthcoming with the spying info in the first place. It would be kind of awkward for sure, but like other posters said, he should worry about his own place not the competitors. Sending a pizza out to him though would be pretty damn funny too!

make sure you personally address one to his store and drop it in the mail :smiley:

im not gonna send him one to his house but i made sure it went to his pizza place yesterday when they got mailled out

Call the police and tell them that you have a suspicious car in the parking lot casing the shopping center.


I would play with it before you let on you know. How about everytime you see him out there…ring up a 50 pizza delivery and load up a car with empty boxes too deliver or something. I would also get some pics of him and deliver a pizza to his shop with a note “we would have just delivered to your car but we didn’t want our great tasting HOT pizza to fog up your binoculars!” :shock: I agree that if this is their technique and you say from one of the big guys…how about sending those pics to corporate with a nice letter asking WTF is up with this? If they wanted to know something…you could just call or stop in for a pie! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok…one other thing… get a large window cutout of that guy in your add and put it in your front window with a message for this guy like “We’re watching you too!” and see how long it takes for him to notice it. Put his name in the sign also. Have some fun and then after it’s out in the open…make sure EVERYONE knows he was doing this…including the police that investigate why he is stalking you! :shock: