Local Store Marketing for new location

I’m gathering information for my business plan and I wanted to get some insight on CHEAP local store marketing ideas. In other words, which form of advertising gives you guys the biggest bang for the buck? Is it doorhanging, saturation mail with postcards, bulk mail, etc? I’m interested in ROI of at least 4:1, so sorry, free pizza ideas are off the table.

I haven’t been in the business for a few years so I’m wondering if there’s any new “can’t miss” types of advertising that have recently come out. Thanks in advance.


A friend of mine coined the term FOOD IN MOUTH ADVERTISING. The whole idea is the only way you can get WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISING is to have them try your food first. So thinking along those lines you could have a free tasting day. Cut your pizza in small enough portions to make them go along way but large enough to get a good taste of it.