Local Supplier Closed Doors

My local supplier closed their doors after being open since the 1920’s… DESPERATE

I was getting 2 products from them and am desperate to find a quality replacement

  1. Land O Lakes Signature Blend Garlic & Herb Spread
    Although I did dr this product up more by adding granulated garlic & chopped garlic, I have been using this for many many yrs. I saw that RD carries a couple products, but am skeptical.
    Gradioso Refrig. Garlic Sauce??? Tulkoff Garlic Spread ??? Has anyone every used one of these and how are they??

My local supplier sold off to Van Eerden out of Grand Rapids MI. I use to be with them about 3 yrs back but was not happy to find out they bought my account from my local suppler, I am not looking forward to going back with them either, so if I can find my products else where I will.

I looked into US Foods, but also found out they are being bought out by Sysco Foods and absolutely do not want to go with Sysco


There is NO way I would pay that kinda pricing:
[B][SIZE=3]Land O Lakes Signature Garlic and Herb Blend Butter - Spread, 4 Pound – 4 per case.
Price:$44.65 + $31.00 shipping

you have to be out of your mind to pay that. I was only paying $32 for a case of 4 - 4lb tubs[/SIZE][/B]

But you used the word “Desperate”…

Kinda curious why not use your own recipe?..Then something like a supplier shutting down does not cause any grief…Plus, you use your own house recipe as a marketing tool…

Already tried making my own, came within 90% same as Land O Lakes, more costly than for what I was paying

So making it “in- house” does not give you enough of a boost in sales to offset the higher cost?..

Nope…I use the spread on our garlic knots & it is already my #1 seller, also flavored pizza crust & other things

If you heavily promoted the fact you used your own “house blend” spread on your “garlic knots” would that boost your sales even more?..Or prevent a competitor from duplicating your products and/or counter marketing against you by letting folks know that your product is not made from scratch?

Thats the least of my worries. We have been making the garlic knots with this recipe for many many yrs and our customers prefer them over LC, HH, or other big chains, I am the only mom & pop place around, matter of fact alot of the customers refer to them as crack, because they are sooo addicting

I did say I was desperate… But I went down to their warehouse Friday and bought every last case they had so I am stocked up for about 2-3 months, so that gives me plenty of time to find a compatible replacement

We use only the Tulkoff brand. Tried a few other kinds but nothing else was close. We use it on our breadsticks, as a sauce for some pizzas, and melt it, dip wings, then sprinkle with garlic for a pretty popular butter & garlic wing sauce.

Curious… Why not Sysco? I do not love them either, but when they have the best price we buy from them.

I use the grandioso garlic butter you mentioned the opening post its awesome! I pay .24 cents per cup and sell it for .79 cents with pizza, it’s like free money all I have to do is hand it to them and say thankyou:)

I found that Sysco prices are higher in my area than others. Dont get me wrong I was with sysco back in 07 for a few yrs, but had another supplier come in and under cut their prices also we had to have a min case count for delivery

I got a hold of the manufacture for Tulkoff and they are sending me a sample, my current supplier says they dont have this brand, but according to Tulkoff, they said they do business with SoFo, so I will be asking my buyer today about that

After going on 16 years I am a firm believer in having two broad line suppliers. In our slower seasons we have to deal with case count as well. This time of year we often order from one vendor one week and the other the next. We price shop them both every week on all items. I have NEVER found one vendor to have the best price on everything and I certainly find that prices are better when they know they are being shopped.

people love our garlic bread and garlic chips,fresh unsalted butter, fresh in house ground garlic, fresh in-house grated parm cheese,how can something with preservatives out of a case be better ??? (garlic and butter-costco)