Location for take n bake location

I was wondering which would be a better location to open a take n bake location. A residential area or the busy shopping area? The residential area has about 20,000 people within a 10 mile radius. The business area consists of the local mall,walmart,target,lowes,home depot,The electric company,local hospital and several small shopping centers. Both are on a well traveled highway.

It doesn’t look a good site, as it had a population of 27,000 on Friday when you posted :roll:

did 7,000 move out over the weekend?

I deducted the 7000 college kids on campus since they don’t have ovens in the dorms…

multiple usernames?

Hi Maset:

Some interesting things I have been told.

Many Papa Murphies are located near low income housing as take and bakes can accept food stamps whereas regular pizza shops cannot.

Homemade pizza in the Chicago aria does gourmet pizzas and locates in upscale neighborhoods .

George Mills

I’m going to recommend the residential area. This is mainly based off personal preference. If I am out doing my other shopping at wal mart and what not, I’m not usually buying perishables so I wouldn’t want to have to consider that. But, if I am on my way home from work to my house and there was a good place to get a pie to bake, I would stop in. Hope this helps a little. Good luck with everything and keep us updated.

Thank you George and Jstarr your input was helpful in my decision…

Papa Murphys are closing in droves. Maybe take and bake is not the best way to go.

I should also mention that the location I am looking at is on our major highway. It is also located about 2 miles from the state line where a good majority of the people from that state come past to head to and from work.

Are you on the side of the highway that is to work or from work? I can see that being a big factor. If they have to cross the highway on the way home to get to your store the likelyhood of them stopping drops a bit.

The location would be on their drive home.