Location, Location, Location of a del/takeout place?

I found a spot that has a good centralized location and fair price. Since I am in basically the heart of a county with 1 million people in 200 square miles, it’s not like its in the middle of no where. It is a very nice town, a walk away from my house. The biggest problem is that it has literally no street visibility aside from a small sign. It’s in the “L” (perpendicular to the road) of a small, very clean and almost otherwise full strip. The upside (and this is a concern around here) is that it has tons of parking (an issue around here…) and easy access.

So in terms of ability to pick up and deliver I think it is good. It’s easy in/out for everyone. How important is visibility for take out/delivery versus say, ADVERTISING.

Visibilty IS advertising. You can pay higher rent and get visibility or you can spend that money on advertising. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other… except that visibility works for you 24/7.

Having done both “high” visibility" and “low” visibility locations before, if I had to do it all over again I would go with the “low” visibility location…But it also depends on competition in your market place, price point of your products, demographics of clientele, etc. etc. etc…And this may be more my personal preference…

The one thing about the high rent location is you can not lower your rent if you are doing well…But with a low rent location you can adjust your marketing back a bit…

I have had both visiblities and parking vs no parking. Currently we have high visibility, easy in/out and tons of parking. But If I could only have one, it would be easy in/out. You can compensate low visiblity with marketing. There is not much you can do to compensate a tough way in/out or no parking.