Lock up your daughters - the British are coming (again!)

Just a bit of advance warning. 4 more days and I’m coming to the US!

I’m sooo giddy :lol:

Gonna try some of that famous American cuisine… dunkin do-nuts and taco-bell are high up on the list :roll:

Any other suggestions?

Ever see the movie Vacation with Chevy Chase? Sorry wizzle… Disney World is closed for scheduled maintenance next week! Also…you are coming too America and Taco-Hell is on your list of stops? I would fire the royal travel agency that you booked through! :idea:

As long as you’re sampling only the best, and money’s no object then I would suggest you indulge in a sackful from Krystals. Since you’re looking to sample only the best of American Cuisine, be sure to get that sackful with cheese. I think you’ll find that the oil based American “cheese” is on a level of it’s own. A good Brie just can’t compare.

And don’t forget the American late night classic, the Grand Slam ala Dennys. If you find Dennys to be too artsy, a good alternative is the “awful waffle”. Here, just remember scattered and double covered to get even more of that American “cheese”.

Dang it Paul I want him to take back the original 13 colonies and DC with him for a gift to the Prince and Kate for their wedding. Please do not ruin that with American Cheese! lmao! It’s bad enough he wants to eat at Taco-Bell. I hope he realizes that you only eat there after drinking for 2 days straight. I told him to hit up Krispy Kreme for his donuts. I know a couple good eateries up near Daytona…but you being in Florida…any really good suggestions in Orlando? Disney food itself is always good and fresh…but you pay for it. Then again…what do you not pay for these days. :roll:

The last time I ate Taco Bell I sure as heck paid for it! Charmin or Cottonelle really ought to buy stock in YUM foods, seeing as their restaurants generate so much revenue for the TP manufacturers.

On a side note, as a northern transplant in the south, Krispy Kreme is sooooo much better than Dunkin D’s.

Don’t forget a stop at Long John Silvers so you can see what Fish and Chips has devolved into.
Mike beat me to the Krispy Kreme donuts They beat Dunkin Donuts all to heck, get them hot while the “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign is lit up. They melt in your mouth in a most delightful way. :smiley:


Don’t 4get a quick trip to Popeye’s & some red beans & rice…helps the Charmin sales…

Up north White Castle’s still put Krystal’s to shame…

Get a real Coney Island Hot Dog w/Chili from Detroit too!

And after, you can defrost in Key West with some Conch Fritters!!!

Now I know American’s aren’t well known for their sense of humour but I guess the suggestions weren’t too serious!

I did Taco bell about 15 years ago and it was ‘interesting’ let put it that way.

Maybe we’ll eat at … (its a loyalty thing)! see I still didn’t give it away did I!

2 days to go…

What city/cities you traveling to?

He’s going to DIsney World… he didn’t want to stray too far from a castle. Kind of like a baby with their blankie! :stuck_out_tongue: Those dang English! :wink:

when you have a castle for a hime (like we all do in England) anything else simply won’t do!

Anyhow I thought all of America was like Disney? Happy, shiny, perfect etc? :roll:

Yes, Yes it is! LMAO! Also, what is a “HIME” ??? I have been wandering aimlessly around my HOME for hours trying to figure out that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good trip my friend and I hope the kids are still fooled by their 2 hour flight to Spain actually taking close too 10. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that the surprise is there. Either way I am sure they will have a blast. Enjoy!

One last thing, as I am loading the muskets… you will be the one in RED? :shock:

Oh, and please nobody read into that statement any further than a reference to the late 1700’s and nothing more. I would make a comment about one or two lanterns too light…but they never counted on nor knew about the third lantern being for arrival by AIRPLANE! :shock:


Speaking of “Disney” & “Expensive”. I paid for all my Christmas gifts this year by selling Disney Princess costume dresses to lazy parents on ebay. :twisted:

Since you are coming on the 15th maybe you could bring along some of the crown jewels to help us with our payroll and income taxes due that day. Yep, somehow the rebellion did not protect us from taxation.

Some of the food suggestions were in jest, but Krispy Kreme, well, words can not describe the pleasure of consuming on of these delicacies, hot off the line, at 1am. It could become an addiction.


gosh I didn’t know times where that hard that you’ve had to resort to muskets!

You’d better appreciate my spending power whilst I’m over there then and bow to my every whim to gain my hard earned money. You can pick me up at the airport at around 4.30pm!

Re Crown Jewels, to be honest our finances are that much better I think the British Government have hoc’d them at the pawn brokers!

We’ve actually got Krispy Kreme over here, it not all tea and scones you know! It makes me laugh as the first thing my late father spotted when we came mid 90’s was the Dunkin Donut outside the hotel. Bless him he made ever excuse possible to go there! See ya soon!

Ok… a lot too address here. First, yes with Rick on Krispy Kreme… Try them again! I am sure they are better on this side of the pond. Also, as far as taxes… all I can say is “TEA PARTY!!!” Now, Indie… I have a 3 year old going on 30 and yes I would have appreciated a heads up on those Disney Dresses and the such. A side note… I am Tangled out…and I am sure for those it applies too…you know what I mean! :frowning: Finally, yes Wizzle…times are so tough that I actually stole the neighbor boys marbles to use in my musket loader. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh…was that a yes for the RED? :wink:

Just an add on comment… After hearing about the Queen wanting financial assistance from the public fund that offers heating assistance for the commoners… and I do not believe she waited in line with the rest… I am pretty sure that the ebay listing for the Royal Jewels… from the lister “Her Majesty”… might be the real deal? :stuck_out_tongue:

Back from my trip! Thought I’d leave some feedback based on the suggestions!

Krisy Kreme - bit disappointed really but never been a donut fan. Food overall ? think the pack of bacon I saw summed it up quite nicely ‘now with no added sugar’ - sugar in bacon?, its no wonder you guys are so ermh, how can I say this, large!

I know the UK is starting to have a weight problem but boy food in general in the US seems to be so sweet and bland compared with over here. Even the apples look artificial with the amount of ‘wax’ (?) on them.

Love the roads - so much space but so many people who can’t drive and think 70 mph weaving across the road is fun. I’ve gotta say Florida is a great place for the weather and I’d certainly consider it for retirement, great golf!

A couple of things we did noticed:

  1. a significant increase in the number of people about in the parks over the same weeks last year (when my mother came). Hopefully thats a good sign for your economy
  2. A huge number of older (60+) staff working in stores and the parks over last time I came (6 years ago). Maybe they’re supplementing (by choice or not) their retirement income but it was great to have people with experience rather than ‘teenages’ who I seem to recall last time I came.
  3. We did do pizza; to compare we did a Domino’s and an indy (not golden knights) both picked purely as we were passing and gotta say not a huge amount of difference in quality at all. But DP had the edge on speed, both very similar price. (bet I get more comments on this than the rest).

Just need to find a US wife to sort the retirement visa issue out but got 20 years yet so still time!

Wife for sale… Make me an offer! :mrgreen:

wife for sale and I take all competitor coupons…sorry no refunds…well maybe a refund but DEFIANTLY NO RETURNS