Login Problems

I have had a couple of the regular posters here send me email about not being able to login. I also had the same problem on one of my computers. The solution to the problem is to clear the cookies on your computer and login again. If you need help with this you can sent me an email and I would be happy to explain in more detail. daddiospizzeria at hotmail dot com

thanks that did the trick

Worked for me, too. I deleted the PMQ cookies, and went right back in after a couple days of blissful ignorance.


YES! Thank you so much. I had to change browsers to log in… It stopped working on Mozilla the last few days.

Hi Daddio:

I was having the same problem some time ago and solved it by not deleting PMQ cookies.
I followed your advise this time and was recognized. Thanks

One other question, do others have problems posting answers? I most always get the message " Invalid session try again" I have often had to resend the message as many as 12 times before it transmits. Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

George Mills

Same here, Daddio…thanks for the fix info!

Thanks for helping fellow Think Tankers with this Daddio, and also for signing on as a new Think Tank moderator!
How is your magnet project going, by the way?


I had the same problem signing on so I fell back on a past life as a IT tech and did what we always told the users to do. We are all here to share experience and that just happend to be one I could share.

I may not be the best choice for moderator as far being level headed but I am willing to give it a shot. I know the few active moderators do need the help.

The magnet project is unbelievable. I have been receiving magnets on a daily basis. I am trying to get a paint supplier to donate some magnetic paint so we can paint Rick’s room. This will allow him to put the magnets directly on his walls. I still sent one of my magnets plus a magnet from another pizza place with each of their weelky orders but am going to have the family come in again to get the bulk of what I have. Currently there are over 30 square feet of magnets covering my coolers and freezer. To put that into perspective this would completely cover two residential fridges top to bottom and side to side.

Rick and his family have been touched by the kindness of all who have taken the time to send the many magnets and gifts. One of Rick’s sisters came in with tears in her eyes to thank us for giving her little brother something to smile about.

The one thought that echos in my mind is “Would I have taken the time to send one of my magnets to one of the others on the forum?” Unfortunately I keep thinking the answer to that haunting question would most likely be no. That is what makes me so overwelmed by the generousity of all who have done so. You are all better people than I think I would be.

Once again Thank You for making this happen for a young man with Down’s syndrom.

Thanks Daddio, and keep up the good work. I though I might have been banned again when I couldn’t log in.

Just a note to those using Firefox… To erase your cookies, you can do it easily by going to the tools tab and selecting options.

On the privacy tab there is an option about mid way down to ‘show cookies’. Scroll down the the P’s and just delete the PMQ one.

Anyone who pulled up the think tank a few days ago while it was down had their cookies corrupted.

I could not log in so I thought I had forgotten my password. I reset it which required clicking on a link in an email. Unfortunately, the link goes to a page that has the permissions incorrectly set. So I am screwed. I have emailed all the folks I could think of at PMQ but have not gotten a response. If there is anyone out there that can help me I would appreciate it.

Username:Dewar’s Pizza Bakery
email: charles AT pretty good pizza DOT com (you know how to use that email address, bots don’t)

Hi Charles:
I had the same problem but when I cleared the cookies out my old password worked.

George Mills

I will try my old password again…

Woo Hoo! That worked!

(I am still going to work on my own forum. Never know when PMQ might do something crazy like PT and delete years worth of knowledge.)

Hey daddio I have the same problem (can’t sign in). Can you find a way?

user name ---------------dough ball
password -----------------xxxxxxx.[/b][/u]

worked for me! (im not dough ball) hahahahah

I thought about doing that. :lol:

Hey! Works for me, too! And I am not dough ball either. I think I will change his password and email him…

just had that problem… deleated everything… and got back in here… then i found this thread… doh!

Dewar’s Pizza Bakery

(I am still going to work on my own forum. Never know when PMQ might do something crazy like PT and delete years worth of knowledge.)


They already did this a little more than 2 years ago. They maintained it as the think tank archives for a while, but now it’s gone. Damm shame as there was quite a bit of good knowledge from posters that don’t seem to post anymore.