Logo Design

Does anyone know of someone who does logo design. I’m in a college town and I’m looking for someone who could do something that would really help my name stand out on menus,flyers and cards that would also attract students.

My friend has a design company called Slick Ricky Designs. He does logos. His website is http://www.slickricky.com He does a good job and he’s really affordable.

Tell him Roger sent you. His name is Rich.

Does your college have a graphic design program?

Or even an art program?

You can put a sign up at the college and get some very talented people with fresh ideas for less than half the cost.

All of our graphic work comes from an “intern” from the college, I pay $8.00 per hour and the work is phenominal. They are happy to get real life experience and material for their portfolio. It saves me from having to pay $50 per hour for a professional.

Just a thought.

Take a look at www.logojeez.com they did mine and they were very reasonable, and I love my logo. Good luck!

I was really impressed with this company and reasonable. The Logo Company
They have lots of testimonials and explains the process. It is definitely worth a try!

we did that and it worked awesome!!! they did logo, business cards, letterhead, boxtoppers, doorhangers for next to nothing