Logo Imprinted Wax Sandwich Paper

Right now we are currently wraping our Subs in foil and I would like something more professional looking.

I was thinking Wax Sandwich Wrap with our logo on it. Any ideas on who prints this kind of stuff?


  • Rob

I used to own one store in a thirty store chain and we had this done at one point, but we abandoned it because of cost. We also had to order way too much to really store at a time to make it worth our while. I wish I could remember the name of the company we had do it so I could tell you just in case things have changed in the last two or three years. There are lots of stock printed sandwich paper out there that can kind of be a compromise between the two though. If I remember the name I will post it up for you though.

There’s a popular deli across the street from me (I don’t do sandwiches - just pizza) - and they use a strip of TAPE with their name on it to close the wrapped sandwich.
It customizes and advertises the brand, but I’m going to guess costs WAY less than printing the wax paper custom.


That is a great idea! If that isn’t enough color for your taste you could combine a stock printed sandwich paper with the custom printed tape.

I’ve checked into this here and cost is not an issue, having to order 30 cases of 6000 is.

Not sure if this helps, but you can check this out…



30 case minimum, 6000/case. WOW…

That would drown most people in paper! Tape is really the way to go. Hubert in Cincinnati has a website and catalog with tape and many logo-able packaging items.