Logo opinion

I tried out logorama.com. Neat site. Here are the initial logo designs from them. The most important thing to us is that the design be easily done in neon and channel letters on our exterior signs.

The name is from a scanned image of my signature. It needs to be cleaned up.

However, opinions on readability, colors, etc are greatly appreciated.


I like number 3 but would like to see the “Pizza Bakery” font a little bolder…The logo will print nice in 1,2 or 3 colours for various applications…

Thanks, Royce!

I told him an initial color of Forest Green as I thought it would reflect our natural, healthy style. However, it looks inappropriate now.

I agree that the “pizza” needs to be more noticeable.

I think I like number 7 the best, but it needs a slice! They all look very nice though, so you really can’t go wrong, just personal preference. Good luck!

I like 5 but had to choose 8 because of the pizza slice… remember, people would rather look at a picture then read what you have.

They see a pizza slice in your logo… THEY MUST DO PIZZA AND PIZZA BY THE SLICE! :lol:

I voted for 5, but 4 is really good too. I like them both.

I personally like red in a logo. Red is a symbol of power, and it also has been known to intensify hunger.

I like 3 and 7. Voted for 7.

I don’t really like any of them to be honest.

I realize it is just a first draft, but none of them are doing anything for me.

Like them all except 2 and 6. Boy, sure is getting close…when is your open date?

I think 1 would look great on a sign

Thought we would be open by now! I cannot say. We are negotiating with the landlord over tenant improvement allowance and some other issues. Architect is about done and will have a bid list for us soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

I sometimes dabble with logo creation…the ones presented to you are nice…but I think less is best sometime.

Here’s something I just quickly created, feel free to pick it apart.


I voted for 6 because it is far more readable than the script in the other versions.

Your name is the most important marketing message. 6 says it best. 6 is not the prettiest, but the name is easier to read. One more tip: Mixed case is easier to read than ALL UPPERCASE.

Why not combine the slice element of 8 (a very popular version) with an easier-to-read version of the name?

more importantly… which one do you like?

I picked number 7.

It has a nice beat and you can dance to it.

7 is the best brand fit to my eye: natural, whole foods, trendy-casual, a little upscale. But the color’s kind of anemic. I’d ask them to punch it up.

I say #6, but drop the green triangle…keep the name in CAPS but lower case the pizza/bakery & make it another color/red, since you like the green, keep it for the Dewar’s

just my thoughts (frustrated pizza artist)

I’d go with #2, but lose the square thing, center the slice, and have your name in bright red with a touch more bold and a black outline…