Logo Wear

This topic has not been discussed much since about 5 years ago so I thought I would ask if and how you deal with Logo Wear.

I have a large number of “Customer T-Shirts” that I am trying to figure out the best way to distribute. Please give me some ideas.

Not sure why this thread did not get much action…So, bump!!!

Right now the plan is to sell the shirt for $10 and give a free pizza with it. In addition if I see a customer wearing the shirt in public I plan on giving a card entitling them to free bread sticks or something of that nature.

I see it as an incentive to buy as well as an incentive to wear the shirt.

I sell mine for a profit. $14.00 With nothing added to the deal.

How many do you sell in a year?

This reminds me of the Pizza Cruises that PMQ sponsored. Included in the registration was a “PIZZA CRUISE” T-shirt. Everybody wore them when we were in port (made identification of the birds of our feather easy to identify), but additionally, we also had a lot of people approach us and ask us about the “Pizza Cruise” and what it was all about.
Mission accomplished for PMQ. These shirts are a great form of advertising and if nothing else, they help to keep your name out there so the public stays tuned in to you. I would suggest adding some type of graphic and a few words to the shirt in addition to your contact information. Example: Show a graphic of a pizza along with the words “Don’t hate me because I love pizza” or how about this: “Every day is a pizza day”;
“Credit cards are accepted in many places, but pizza is accepted world wide” use your imagination to inspire something unique that you can change from time to time. Have you ever seen anyone walking around wearing a Cabela’s or BassPro T-shirt? They paid just to advertise that company. I sure with I had a sponsor to pay for my advertising!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I have been selling promotional products for decades…For those that are new here and do not know me well, this is not intended as a sale pinch…I have always been here to help 1st and sales if any are quite incidental…

I have sold a wide ranges of shirts…From the most basic 3.00 tees to top end name brand golf shirts for 200.00+ each…IMO there are 2 type of shirts a store should have…

1st the most basic t-shirt you can find with your logo big and bold on it…I like it on the front but you can also do it small on the front and then repeat large on the back…Use bold colour shirts with a contrast imprint colour (neons with black) and an imprint that is very simple…No phone numbers, addresses, websites, etc…These are intended to put your “brand” out front…These will be cheap enough you can sell them for “well under” 4.00 and give lots away…The more shirts you get out there, the more your name is known…

2nd is a really decent golf shirt…These may be 30.00 or more each…And should be embroidered…These are used to reward your most loyal customers…After a client spends enough money you can give them a shirt as a gift…This type of activity re-enforces their loyalty… Repeat clients are like “ore” in the ground and you need to keep mining them…These can be sold but you will probably not sell many at this high of price point…

PS…This time of year there are lots of “hungry” screen printers out there…Once the weather improves they will get busier…You may be able to pay for some or all of your t-shirts in “pizza credit”…Ask them if they have any “odds and ends” lying around…If they do, they may be willing to do closer to 100%…