Has anyone used LogoBuy.com before? We are about to order new t-shirts for our crew & to sell, and they gave me a pretty good price. That being said, I am always a little fearful of .coms.

Any good or bad reviews? Any other places I should look for quotes that you have used?

Well if longevity is any indication, they have been advertising in PMQ for many years…The prices they show in their PMQ ad are for the bottom end of their line…So if you want a better shirts, 2XLs, need artwork done, etc. the price will go up…Get freight estimate as shirt are heavy…

I’ve spoken with Logobuy about embroidery in the past and they seemed pretty knowledgeable. That said, I have a hard time believing you wouldn’t find as good or better pricing for screenprinting locally. As someone with a little experience with screenprinting T shirts, I will strongly suggest that you not order the cheapest quality shirts. The cost to go from Gildans Heavy Cotton Shirt to their Ultra Cotton shirt is only about 25 or 30 cents. The higher quality will last longer with less shrinking. Shipping should add about a quarter per shirt.