Can anyone suggest a company that designs logos for stores? I usually don’t have any success with local companies, so national companies would be fine.


Just kidding. I wouldn’t solicit business on this site. I am a graphic designer though…

Are you sure you are looking for a logo and not just a word treatment? A logo suggests lots of work goes into it, it will be your brand identity and that is a serious matter.

Good luck!

i definately need a word treatment. but i would also like a nifty little picture of some sort for people who don’t have time to read. i’ve made a drawing of a “pizza guy” with a pie in hand but it looks awfully familiar and a liitle generic. basically i need something professional looking for signs and advertisements

So you want the name of your store and the little pizza guy together… for people who don’t have time to read? How long is the name of your store? LOL!
Not sure you need the little guy. People have time to read the name of your store!
When you find the place to do your logo, make sure you know a couple of things in advance: (which you might already know, but I’m feeling wordy right now)

  1. the tone you are trying to achieve (Light or modern or old fashioned or happy or serious)
  2. your target market (don’t say everyone, they hate that and it isn’t helpful. Narrow it down a bit. Families? Youth? Singles?)
  3. If you have a couple of colours in mind that’s great, if not, the designer will likely get some ideas by any info you want to tell them.

Also, remember that you should get versions! A CMYK, an RGB, a Black and White and a reverse White out of black. Ask them to keep it in vector format, easier for printing and scaling in the future.

EBAY! I’ve had 2 logos designed off Ebay for 2 different businesses, both are excellent.

Search “custom logo design.” $30-60 Check their samples and their feedback.

take a look at mine got it done for 50.00 just the guy but he is in corpated in all our adds

the name is not long, people are just lazy. plus you may not be able to make out the letters from far away but hopefully you can recognize the picture. PS- the kids who can’t read or cant read fast enough can see the smily pizza guy and say the their parents WE WANT PIZZA!!! my target market is red-headed mormon eskimos. do you think that will be a problem.- just kidding. how much (ballpark) should it cost me?