Long time no chat :)

Hi everyone! I came across a pmq chat thread when looking up info on my business. Wow! What nice things people said about me :slight_smile:
I am sad to say, that yes, I did sell the business :frowning: It was just impossible for me to keep up. I would suggest NO ONE undertake a t&b alone business. People are just to set in what a pizza place is to be. Now, I did make some mistakes, my place was to big I ran in a HUGE place, and living in the city, paying what I was paying it was to much to afford, maybe if it was combined with another business or… well, lol, there are alot of should haves when a person quits a business isnt there. I LOVED my business so much! I loved my customers, and working with the food, etc. I was really sad to leave it. I did sell, so re couped some of my investment, but not even close to all that is for sure. And the time, well, I traded my time for the experience. If someone wanted to do t&b I think it would be ok, if you ran it in an existing business such as a grocery store, or convenience store, or gas station maybe. Or ran in a VERY cheap VERY small location. And advertised the hell outt of it. I could have run this business with EASE in a 400 sq foot pad. This could have been my saving grace. I also ran it as a gourmet pizza place, and was not in the right area for my higher end product. Live and learn. Will I do it again? I can’t say I wont, I have dreams still after 4 months of doing it again. Only different. If anyone has questions, please ask daddio, he has my direct contact info. I would be pleased to offer assistance :slight_smile:
Take care, and thank you so much to the pmq crew. I NEVER would have made it a month without you folks, and that is a FACT!
Cheers :slight_smile:

Nice to hear from you and that you are positive despite a negative outcome.
Good comments for anyone wanting to start up a business - shop size to match business, location, socio economics to match product etc.
Oh how we could all be rich with 20/20 hindsight :cry:
Good luck with the future.