looking at a pizza business

im looking at buy a pizza business that has been in business for 7 yrs but they dont care if they open the doors,they only open for 3 hours days and somtimes never at all,they want out,i guess what would you do

change the name and bring in your product and clean up the place? these people really dont care and are selling cheap, i would still need to add a mixer,sheeter,pos,

all they sell is pizza nothing else
large house special is 28.00 wow 18" pie

what would you do? thank you

Well, what I would do is try to negotiate the price down to almost nothing. I’d put about $5,000 into the budget for painting supplies, cleaning supplies, and repair work. I’d also go into this thing with a lot of elbow grease and get it cleaned up so that it sparkles.

Of course, the whole time, close the doors and put something up in the windows so that people can’t see what’s going on inside (that creates a little curiosity).

Put up new signage (change the name) because you do NOT want people associating your new pizza place with the crap the other guy was putting out.

When you open, make sure it looks completely different from what it did when you first took over and open with a huge celebration (i.e. streamers, balloons, lights, etc.).

How’s your lease? Can it be transferred or renewed? Look into that first just to make sure you’re not shooting for something unattainable. Good luck. -J_r0kk

P.S. A sheeter? Dude, c’mon. Hand tossed!!