Looking for a Beverage Station for a soda machine!!

I am looking for a beverage station that is roughly 36" x 36" x36". Does anyone recommend any websites to purchase from? Or does anyone have any they may be wanting to get rid of.

I made mine, almost to those exact specs. It wasn’t hard; just took time (Of course, something that I have absolutely none of now).

But the best thing about my station is that the rack for the bag-in-boxes, fits directly underneath and my Cornelius soda fountain is flush-mounted directly above.

If you want, let me know and I’ll send over some specs and pictures.

Thanks Pizzafanatic, I’d love to see how you built it. the rack I have won’t fit under anything though. It’s too tall.

they may have one,



Hi Fire side.
Give me a sketch of what you would like to have.
George Mills


Thanks for the offer, I think I figured out a way to turn a 24" cabinet into what I need.

I’ll bite…

George, can you give a BALLPARK on what a ice maker on top of an 8-head dispenser would cost? I’m talking about the whole machine, ice and drinks.

Also, what the heck is a “carbonator”? I’ve seen them at auctions, but wasn’t sure what they did. I assume they don’t REPLACE the co2 tanks.

Finally, does anyone know if Coke or Pepsi will provide the ice maker/dispenser combo or do they only provide the dispenser and a wish of good luck on an ice maker and getting them to work together?

I think it all depends on the distributor and what they perceive as the ROI on your business. For me, they provided me with the 8 spout Cornelius machine and ice machine adapter. But I had to buy the ice maker.

But I was told that Pepsi will sometimes buy the ice machine for certain customers if they feel the volume will be high enough. I was just starting out, so they wouldn’t do it for me. Anyways, I bought the ice machine for about $1300, plus I got a $200 rebate back from PG&E (California power company).

It’s a sweet setup. No regrets in 8 months.