Looking for a movie called Drivers Wanted!

Has anyone heard of this movie? I googled it and can’t find a copy on video. If you can help, I would sure appreciate it.
Thanks in advance

Not sure what terms your googled, it was the first hit for me…


I bought a copy of it a while back - I’ll see if I can find it if you want it.

I’ll send it to you for free. Heck, I might even pay you to take it from me… :lol:

I thought it sounded funny too - but it was a huge waste of time.


I found it here at the store.

If you want it, PM me your details and I’ll send it out.

A video about working in a pizza shop ? lol

I get enough entertainment watching and listening to my employees and customers. Some of the stuff that’s done and said around here makes me laugh harder than anything.

Hey, these guys are out there making a movie about our industry. How would you feel if some guy offered to sell some second hand food from your place because they didn’t enjoy it. Uncool man.

The producers made a movie, and yes it is a very B movie, but they spent the cash to produce a comedy about pizza delivery apathy. I got a kick out of it actually, and any operator who has gone through the school of hard knocks will get a kick out of this movie.

What someone does with my food once they pay me for it is up to them. If they want to sell it to a friend, more power to them. If they want to give it away, what is wrong with that.

This person purchased this movie, does not want it anymore, and is offering to give it away. I see no problem with this at all. It would be another thing if he was offering to make a boot of this video, but that is not what he is saying.

I didn’t offer to sell it, I offered to give it for free.

Do you let people share a pizza, or do you make the person who bought it eat the whole thing? :stuck_out_tongue: