Looking for a name for a new pizzeria!

Hi everyone. Boy, am I glad I discovered this site. My wife & I are opening a pizzeria in Kennesaw, GA and we pretty much got everything covered with the exception of a name. My wife suggested:

Golden Krust Pizza and I am liking it very much. Just wanted some feedback from the veterans on the forum. I know picking the right a store name is very essential.

Thanks in advance.

doing a simple google search for your name reveals a franchise bakery…

There’s a placed called Golden Crust Pizzeria on North Kedzie street in Chicago. It’s been open forever and they have great pizza. You could do worse than use that name.

make the “C” a K -Krust

Hello Mikey,1st of all Congats and Good Luck to you and your wife.As far as the name goes,just keep it original and dedicate your time in a quality product and this is what will be 'essential’to your new business.My personal advise on a name is something funny like PickyPetesPizza or something like that.I only say this as to the kids like a silly name and if they’re happy w/ your place then everyone is.
Good Luck!
Niccademo [keep your dough off da cieling]

A quick search on the USTPO website shows that the franchise bakery holds a federal trademark on “Golden Krust”. You should consult with a trademark attorney to see if adding “Pizza” at the end is enough to differentiate your business from the trademark holder’s bakery.

Or, you can take the leap, and let the people holding the Federal Trademark seek you out to file a cease and decist order. Protection of trademark is the obligation of the holder . . . . OR you could just use “Uncle Wiggley’s Goodtime Pizza Emporium”. I have been saving that trade name for a special projrct that just hasn’t come along yet :slight_smile:

Yes, we had our doubts about the name, but the bakery doesn’t have ‘pizza’ in it’s name, nevertheless we have decided to leave it alone.

Thanks for all of your responses.

Does “Krusty The Clown” pop into anybody else’s head when they see that?