Looking for a new payroll company!

Hi everyone! As with most owners I’m looking over my bill’s looking for ways to save money, that would not affect my customers. I’m currently with ADP and I feel they are really sockin it to me. If anybody knows of a good payroll company in the Orange County, CA. area, please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again, Tim.

We use ADP and are happy with them. Costs about $1100 a year. They do have some $$ added services that we don’t use. You might see if eveything you are being billed for is something you actually want.

Hi, a few questions. Is your payroll weekly or bi-weekly and how many paid employees. If you don’t mind me asking. Mine is running me close to $1900 a year and I’m bi-weekly. Thanks for the response!

I use Intuit through Costco and it is soooooooo inexpensive! I don’t think I even spend $60 a month! I did the option where they are responsible for all the tax filing so that I am covered and if they make a mistake…they pay!!! Check it out!

Bi-weekly, about 20ish employees in high season and 12 in the slower times of the year.

We used intuit for a number of years too. The reason we switched was the SIMPLE plan available through ADP/Fidelity. Otherwise we would have stayed. It was not any cheaper though.

Our costs are also around $60 per payroll, but then there are the anual fees, 1/4ly filing etc that bring the whole thing upo somewhat. All in all a very good deal to not have to think about it!

try CPP in Perry, New York they do payrolls all over the country and have done ours for years, call them at 585-237-5800 extension 228 Cindy is my contact. atg leaszt give them a chance to quote you.

ADP all the way. Costs me about 1100 for the year.
Threaten to take your business elsewhere. See how fast they come down on the price.

my theory is if they can come down on the price because of a threat they were ripping you off all along.

Ever had a customer drive a hard bargain and in the end you reduced your price in order to keep a large order?..If so, were you were ripping them off all along…

I offer 10% discounts on “large orders” and that is it. I am not running a flea market.

I do Biweekly payroll and do it myself using Quickbooks for the checks and an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the taxes. Like Bodega we average around 15-20 employees. Only taxes me about 30 minutes to do and have never had a problem.