Looking for a new print vendor

I’m in need of a few different things. First, I’d like to find a vendor for a business card size “VIP” type card to punch holes in. Also, looking for flyers or carryout menus at a reasonable price.

pm royster who is a regular poster here…he can probably help with the cards. As for menus I would suggest Taradel. We have had nothing but good luck with them!

Check out gotprint.com…great prices, high quality and very fast turnaround times.

Nick had some loyalty cards printed a while back that he posted copies here,


You may want to see if he was happy with price / product


Thanks for the help. I found another website http://www.mainstreamprint .com. that works primarily with Domino’s, and is willing to give me the same pricing as a Domino’s. They are out of Indianapolis and have better pricing than taradel for the menus.

I like those loyalty cards.

Maybe I am over suspicious but I smell a bait and switch here.

Are we a bunch of cynics or what? I had a tingle at the first post, but ignored it. No I have a severe tingle.

No. You are a realist.

Coincidentally, one of the email addresses for them is dru@mainstreamprint.com

No doubt they have no relation to drur@att.net

And people wonder why we are so cynical… :mrgreen:

The troll god is rolling strong with this one. I give it 7/10.

Your sudden silence after 2 posts leads me to believe I hit the nail on the head with regards to your true intentions of posting here.

I just don’t understand

I have been in sales all of my life, and never ever ever had any positive results when I tried to be sneaky… As a matter of fact honesty has always proven to be a much more successful approach to a sale but most of all an indispensable foundation to any business relationship… The kind that brings you repeat business and referrals…

I guess with high gas prices used car sales people are out of a job…