Looking for a phone system....

I am looking to replace my current phone system with something better. I am not ready to go with VOIP yet. All I really want is something that can handle 4 lines and give me Message on Hold capabilities. All the systems that I have tried, are either made for office buildings or no longer take care of basic pizza shop needs. Anybody like what they are using?

I scrapped my super expensive avaya partner system for this inexpensive SynJ Bundle system from Fidelity Communication…highly recommend! Sound quality is awesome and when I did have an issue they sent me a new base immediately with a 2yr warranty


We use the SynJ system also. It is great! We have went through quite a few handsets - well actually, broken quite a few screens when dropping them on the ground! Otherwise have had no problems, I am actually thinking of getting a 2nd base unit for it. Very easy to setup, can buy replacements on Amazon.

I love having 3 base units for my main order taking stations…can’t beat it for the price

@famousperry[/USER] [USER=5208]@durbancic do you have the ability to have hold music or a messages with the SynJ system? also, does it have a night line to let people know you are closed?

I have it on my never ending to do list but I am pretty sure you can add it. If I remember correctly fidelity will do it or you can do it yourself. Theuy have all different types of options for closing (attendant, voicemail, etc)

How many lines do you have and what other kind of features does it come with and how much do you pay a month if you dont mind sharing