Looking for a pos with map

hello there… im looking for a pos that have an ability to have a separate screen displaying a map with all deliveries. I need it so that if i have 2 drivers and say 6 deliveries, the expeditor who is not familiar with the area will assign deliveries that go the same way only and not opposite ways, even a scrreen like that ove rpizza station with force cooks to prep pizzas in a way that going same way pizzas will get cooked at same time vs in ticket order… i know foodtec and speedline offer that. Any other pos?

Speedline. This feature is called LiveMaps. It uses an interactive Map with pinpoints that will show exactly where the deliveries are. On the dispatch screen it also shows time on the road and estimates time of arrival (it’s pretty damn accurate). If you have any questions feel free to message me

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Foodtec as you mentioned has really good mapping. The DeliveryIQ app that links the drivers is awesome so you can track them and the Order Tracker allows the customers to view as well (there are settings so that they do not see the same thing)

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i believe foodtec charges 3% of your online orders and wont let you integrate with any other company to do your online ordering… so if i do 30%+ in online orders, well thats over 7-8K a year in fees… other than that they are great… are you paying them that percentage and not having an issue with that? (these are your customers, placing orders thru your website and going into your point of sale… and they charge 3% almost like a extra tax or something lol

Boston, I missed your first post about knowing about Speedline/FoodTec, my bad!

Have you checked out SpeedDine? There are no per order charges, $99/month flat fee. They also integrate with the third party apps through Chowly or something like that. I’m not a third party supporter so I don’t know much about that end of it

Does that 3% on foodtec include cc processing? What about cash orders?

i am familiar with speedline… i was just wondering if there was anything else out there besides foodtec or speedline… im pretty sure i heard about other pos with that feature but i cant recall the name…

I don’t know for sure, but possibly PDQ?

You said youre trying to manipulate the tickets for maximum delivery efficiency.
I used to do the same thing and it bites you in the butt way to often.
We make the deliveries in numerical order and it’s amazing how much that helps cut down on the “wheres my food phone calls?”
Its also extremely common for the deliveries to just naturally make sense.
What im saying is- Be careful manipulating tickets alot of times it causes confusion and can really screw you over


never said it was the cheapest…for sure it is their biggest knock. I cannot live without their features even though I have tried to look at others they just could not come close so its the price you pay for convenience like most anything else. We do not do any 3rd party so the integration is a non-issue for us although I heard they are working on that although I would not hold my breath…they like to keep everything in house.

as we have gotten busier we route deliveries less and less…like you said it sometimes causes more hassle than it is worth

no to answer your question with regard to CC
yes to cash

It is expensive but what I can tell you after years now is that the increase in the average ticket for our web orders along with the labor savings in counter staff more than covers our monthly fees. Also the mistakes have been drastically reduced. We are now at 70% online sales

You give 3% of your online sales that are cash to FoodTec? Am I reading that correctly?

yep…sounds like alot but considering what 3rd party platforms charge I can live with it

We use Thrive, and it will show a map of the area, with all deliveries listed. (Google map with option to see the actual house) . You can assign in any order, however you want.

I like it because it allows for different delivery fees based on zones or distance.

I do not have much experience with any other systems just an fyi.