Looking for a used Roto-Flex pizza oven

I’m looking for a used, working (or repairable) Roto-Flex oven. Our regional Roto-Flex expert (Rick Eller) has his feelers out as well, but so far, no go. Thought I’d give it a try here.

Will consider all deck size and deck count combinations - don’t have a fortune to spend but would sure like to start my business with one of these.

Thanks in advance!

Keep your eye on ebay, I see them from time to time on there.

Paul - yep, last one I saw was a few months ago and I’m feeling a bit foolish for not jumping on it. This oven appears to have so much going for it in my particular application and oven-selection criteria:

  1. Useful in a display cooking area (behind a former horseshoe shaped bar.)
  2. Direct venting without a dedicated exhaust canopy hood and very little shed heat to the surrounding room.
  3. High production capacity (I sit 150-200 comfortably and am also considering delivery)
  4. Able to do multiple cuisine items beyond pizza while still doing a great job on pizza.
  5. Disassemble-able so I can easily get it into my building (34-inch door) and into place (up a couple of stairs - 24-inch rise & run total) without subjecting myself to risk of death.

Any suggestions on other ovens that I might look at if I can’t come up with a Roto-Flex?

Last rotoflex I saw on ebay sold for $2500, but was an early 80’s model covered in fake brick. If you watch, you’ll see 5-8 per year sell there. I posted on the old think tank when I saw them on there a few times. As far as an alternative, I’m not sure there is one. The two buddies I have that use them wouldn’t trade them for anything. I use a Lincoln X-2 and a Middleby 570 because of the nature of my business. I would love to be in a situation that I could use one of these, but volume doesn’t allow. My reccomendation is if you are not in a big hurry, keep watching for one. You’ll never be as happy with regular deck ovens.

You just gotta get lucky…i bought a new one and about a month after install I saw one for sale on ebay for about 1/2 price with less than a year use on it.

Dont agree with the last post though b/c it is the only oven that is like a deck but BETTER and I have had Blodgetts, Q-Matic, Garland Air Decks over the years and have test cooked on all the others

Good Luck, but highly recommend if you have serious volume

I think you mis-read that Perry. You’ll never be as happy with regular deck ovens … (as you will be with a Rotoflex) – or that’s how I read it.

got one in upstate new york only a year old…its too big for my place and i ned to move it…love it dearly and it does amazing work but i only have 900 square feet email me at www.sliceofnapa.com contact page

I have a mint condition Roto Flex i am looking to sell. Custom hip roof all stainless. My name is Ron and you can reach me at 1 609 384 1776

My name is Ron and i have a mint condition Roto Flex i am looking to sell. My number is 1 609 384 1776

I have a mint condition Roto Flex for sale. Call Ron at 1 609 384 1776

I have a mint condition 4 deck Roto Flex for sale. Call Ron @ 1 609 384 1776