looking for advice

hi, my name is lou and currently running a pizza shop in glen mills, PA. business is down and thinking about delivering. i hope this will improve business but before i start i would like some advice about delivering and on choosing a pos system. i was thinking about prism for a pos system. also what should i look in to in buying a used pos system, (what should i watch out for in buying a used pos system) i see a lot of ads on criaglist about pos system and thinking to buy one used to save money. any help would be appreciated

If sales are down and you’re trying to be frugal, you can always deliver using a system of paper tickets. When paper tickets start to become too unwieldy, then upgrade to a POS system - you’ll also know at that point which features are important to your operation. And when you do go digital, for Pete’s sake, sign a support contract unless you’re some kind of networking/programming geek.

I use Prism and have been very happy with it. If you are going to purchase a used system, first contact the company and find out how much it will cost to transfer the license and to have them set up your menu in the system. Many of the POS companies are very costly here, almost to deter people from buying used. I would avoid using door sheets or paper tickets. I believe that the cost spent on a POS is very quickly recovered because it decreases payroll and increases customer service. I went the first 8 years of owning my store using door sheets to take orders on. During this time I increased sales about 15%. In the last 5 and a half years with a POS in my store, I have increased sales nearly 100%. I’m pretty confident that my investment has been paid back many times over.


I’d also recommend a POS. BUT, DO NOT pay ten’s of thousands for one!! If you’re computer literate, I can help you set up a system for less than $2.5K. If you already have a computer, its possible to set one up for around $1K (or less). There are many to choose from…

If you have a little bit of tech savvyness in you, I would highly recommend Point of Success because you can shop for your own equipment. You can go scouting around on ebay and get your computers from there, and they dont have to be the latest and greatest either. The shops I do IT support for are running the software on computers that have less than a 1Ghz processer in them, although i’d highly recommend getting something newer. the software is fairly easy to set up, although plan on it taking a few days to get everything entered into it and the way you want. Training employees to use it is a breeze as well. you can also find receipt printers and box label printers on ebay as well.

We use Firefly and have been very happy. Most systems will accomplish your needs but the “service” is the most important thing to consider. Definitely get a POS as you will loose more sales than you will save in not getting one.

Good move on delivery. Its a big revenue stream.

I’m with Stebby on this one, Point Of Success is so easy to set up if you have even basic computer knowledge. I think I spent about $1,000 on equipment for 5 terminals (including kitchen monitor) and printers. Software was another $1,000.

We have been using Prism for 11 years. We are on our second round of equipement. When it comes time to replace the hardware, we will go with Prism again.

Great system, top flight equipment and best of of really good support. You get what you pay for. I want my crew running the store, not running the computer system.