Looking for advice

Hey everyone. I recently started working at a local Papa Johns, and although I’ve got the oven and taking orders down, I’m pretty slow on the make-line no matter how much I practice. Any tips on getting faster, but still remaining accurate on making pizzas?

Or just advice in general. Feedback is a gift, after all.

Do you use portion cups, weigh out everything or just sight it?

Mostly it is just practice to get faster. Some people pick it up quicker then others.

We do not weigh anything, it is all by sight. We are within 0.5% of food costs every day doing it this way.

Watch your fellow employees on the make-line and see how they do it.

Grab a handful of product, bring it to your other hand and use both ands to evenly distribute , i distribute pepperoni with 2 hands- with thumb, i can haul ass compared to people who use one hand, we don’t weigh anything but we use a measuring cup for our diced cheese -hope this helps !

It probably will. All advice is appreciated! ^^

I’ve been sighting it since my manager told me to.