Looking For An Effective Doorhanging Campaign, Pitch In Plzz

I am about to wage a doorhanging campaign and just wanted a couple of tips of how I can get the most response from this campaign.

All ideas welcome.

Thank you.

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Here’s a good thread about using hangers and cards and flyers effectively as part of a bigger picture plan

http://www.pmq.com/tt/viewtopic.php?t=2 … anger+week

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Use the word FREE. This will always get people’s attention. Make it bold print and bigger than anything else on the doorhanger. The world FREE needs to stand out. On my door hangers I do 3 coupons: coupon #1 - FREE bread sticks with any purchase, coupon #2 - FREE 2 liter of Pepsi with the purchase of a large pizza, coupon #3 - FREE order of wings with the purchase of a large 2 topping pizza.

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Re: Looking For An Effective Doorhanging Campaign, Pitch In

Also try to door hang the houses before people get home from work. Usually when people are driving home from work they are thinking about what they are going to eat for dinner. You want to have a door hanger waiting for them when they walk in their house. This will increase you redemption rates. If you door hang after dinner time most people won’t see it until the next morning when they leave for work and will most likely throw it somewhere in their car and forget about it. Also like the previous poster said, be consistent! If you want higher redemption rates hit the same neighborhood or streets for 3 weeks straight. Most people order pizza once every 3 weeks. If you hit their house for 3 weeks straight your guaranteed to have a door hanger on their door the one night that they do decide to order pizza. This method will also bring about brand awareness. If you only door hang a house once every couple months, that customer will probably forget your shop’s name by the next time the door hanger hits their house. If you hang for three weeks straight, that is anywhere from 3-21 impressions. Your shop’s name and logo will be burned into their memory.

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A question on door hangers that may seem a little out of the ordinary.

Where we are in Western Australia the areas we service are all newer homes about 12 years old maximum.

These style homes have mostly entry through the carport / garage directly into the kitchen, with a lot of them having garage doors.

Most people wouldn’t go near their front door for ages (mine has cobwebs on it as we never go near it :lol: ), always using the carport door to get in and out of the house.

An estimate would be about 50% may use the front door and 50% not. If we did a door hanging we would’t know which 50% would see the door hangers. We can’t enter a carport to hang on the entry door as this would be trespass.

We have done letterbox drops using a distributor but they bundle up to 15 brochures in one group with an elastic band and most people just throw them out. The other opton is getting Australia Post to deliver as unaddressed mail for 12.5 cents per piece but with our catchment having around 15,000 houses the cost would be close to $2K plus the cost of the brochure.

We want to do something different by using door hangers as no one does them for any industry what ever but there are problems;

  1. the availability to effectively door hang as outlined above
  2. we are in suburbia with no high rises or dense housing and the suburbs are spaced out with parks and reserves and generous size house blocks
  3. we do not have staff during the day to door hang (we only open evenings and most staff are casuals)
  4. the cost to print door hangers such as samples people from this forum have sent would be in the vicinity of 50 - 60 cents each
  5. we would have to hire someone to door hang and the cost would be around 10 cents per house

I have thought of using the boy scouts etc but their numbers are realy down low and parental involvement is non existent plus they are reluctant to take on any stuff like this due to public liability. The only thing they do like this is the once a year Yellow pages which they get 50 cents per book which is their total fundraising effort for the year.

Any suggestions would be great.


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I’m all about doorhanging. Effective doorhanging is waaaaaaaay different from just plain old doorhanging. To me it means that you ensure that the resident will have that doorhanger in their hands at some point that day. We’ve found these to be the important points.

  1. Plan it out. Nothing worse than having 5 guys standing around staring at a map thinking of a good place to go. You should have a driver and 2 or 4 doorhangers. Driver drops dhers at one end of the street and drives down to the end of the street and starts dhing down there.

  2. Have a responsible manager or key employee to supervise. If you don’t have someone you can trust there, you might as well toss them in the dumpster. Cause that’s probably what they’ll do with them anyway.

  3. Highlight the areas that have been done and measure the results.

  4. Try to get three solid dhing weeks in a row. I’ve found that after 3 weeks you really start to see the dhing work. Too many pizza shops go hot and cold with dhing and get frustrated with the results.

  5. Prepare your dhing people how to handle interactions with residents. You must be able to take advantage of this face-to-face opportunity. Most dhers would rather run away as though they had just left a flaming poop pie on their porch. Teach them to open their mouths, introduce themselves and invite these people to try your place out.

  6. Place the doorhanger on the door that people use. If there are 4 newspapers, the new phone book and spider webs on the front steps, that probably means they use the side or back door. So why do dhers put it on the front anyway ?!!?!!?