Looking for another oven. Peerless 2324P?

Does anyone use a peerless 2324p multi deck oven? Im looking into getting one. Just want to know how they bake. I simply need more oven space. We have a tiny kitchen and this looks like about the only thing that would fit and holds the most pizzas for its size.

Pizza ovens need heat applied to the bottom of each deck to bake pizza as most would want it baked…A apparently this oven does not do that.
George Mills

I have a 2 deck peerless that we dont use but I wouldnt recommend it, its more for a concession stand at a little league field, even that might be a strecth

I wondered that about these. I would be using the peerless for mostly pan pizzas, deep dish, garlic knots & cheesesticks. From what I have experienced my pan pizzas and deep dish pies do not need heat directly on the bottom. I have baked them in my commercial oven range before and they have turned out just fine.

Good Luck:
George Mills

What do you recommend? I need something small that holds as much as possible?

Hmm…You asked a question…George who has half a century+ of experience gave an answer…But it was not what you wanted to hear so you discarded it…As George said “Good Luck!”…

What do you mean it wasnt what I wanted to hear? I was simply stating what I would be using it for and wondered if anyone has used it for pan pizzas. Then I asked him what he recommends. Damn I cant even go on a pizza thread without there being a freaking troll trying to start crap, sad.

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What do you recommend, George? By the way I hope I didnt offend you. I wasnt trying to say that the peerless would work. I was just wondering if it baked differently with pan pizzas. I use my blodgetts for my chicago style thin crust pizzas which I cook directly on the stones. I figured the peerless wouldnt work for that because there is no direct heat on the bottom of the stones. My chicago deep dish bakes for 40-45 minutes at 425. From what I have noticed they do not need the direct heat. I have even baked them at home in a regular oven at home and they turn out the same as when I bake them in my blodgetts. I literally have like 45" of space. I was hoping the peerless would work mostly for the appetizers and pan pizzas. The peerless sounds like it is junk though. The space that my knots and cheesesticks are taking up I need for my most popular thin crust pizzas. My blodgetts have terrible recovery time too.

I gauss the Peerless is your best bet. There may bee a better oven out there that will fit in your space but I am not aware of it.

George Mills

Do you know anything about the Italforni TK Series? Looks like they bake from the top and bottom.

Sorry I do Not>

I am curious to this also, however are they still available in the US? I checked a few months back and cannot find a vendor anymore.
Thank You

George, do you have exstensive knowledge on Blodgetts?