looking for consultant to review finance/business plan

I’m working on a business plan and financial projections for a new pizzeria. I’d like to find a professional who can analyze my financial projections and change/redo my business plan.

Can anyone recommend a finance professional with restaurant experience who provides this type of service? I’ve found a few restaurant consultants but none whom I feel comfortable with.

I would prefer someone in the NJ/NY area but location is not critical.

Thanks in advance

You might check with your local SCORE chapter to see if they have any counselors with restaurant backgrounds.

You most likely have several SCORE chapters within a short distance. As Daddio suggests, be sure to find one with restaurant experience.

I am a SCORE counselor and I can tell you that the other counselors in my area have a great deal of business experience but would not recognize a wrong number for food cost.

CPA firms can help. Call medium to large size firms. Most often you will find the firm will have a few on staff with existing restuarant owners in their portfolio. Likely won’t be too cheap however.

Ditto the SCORE folks. I sat in on one of their seminars, learned quite a bit on how to develop a workable plan. It’s worth your time I’d think to hunt your local chapter down…and it’s perhaps the last thing you’ll receive in your journey with no price tag attached!!