Looking for conveyor oven

Hey everyone,

I am looking to purchase a conveyor oven (preferably with a baking chamber under 48-60"). I am on a fairly tight budget, and unfortnately cannot receive anything in the way of financing (hard to get loans at 24, or any age for that matter, without high credit). But I do have enough for one single deck oven, or preferably a double stack if someone is looking to sell theirs and will hold a little (even if they kept the other oven until payment is received in full). I am turning to these boards because I have already been taken for a few through EBay and Craigslist, figure the crowd will be better here.

Please post here or e-mail me a Nick@UncleNicksPizza.com

Thank you!

Edit: Sorry I forgot to add, I would like to find one with a 32" wide belt so that I can fit two 16" pies side by side.