looking for "devil advocates" on this

I am considering buying a Flleetwood mixer and food processor, on the links below.

Please give me any reasons that you would not want to have either of the machines, from your experience or what you think.

I thank you now for your time and effort on clicking on these links that illustrate the mixer and processor.


[http://www.food-equipment.com/Fleetwood ... mixers.htm](http://www.food-equipment.com/Fleetwood_tilting_dough_mixers.htm)

[http://www.food-equipment.com/fleetwood ... ipment.htm](http://www.food-equipment.com/fleetwood_food_processing_equipment.htm)

Otis, I considered the exact same equipment. Since I could not actually find a corporate web site for Fleetwood, I decided not to buy because how can a reputable company not have its own web site in this day and age? I am of the opinion that someone here in the US bought a shipment of these mixers from an asian manufacturer and slapped a label on them. I am probably wrong but that’s my opinion.

I opted instead to buy an 80qt hobart with all attachments, and I accidentally bought 2 of them (bid on two, won both!) So now I am selling one for $2750 to get my money out of it, I got a great deal on them on ebay and it was mixing dough when I arrived to pick it up (much to my anger, I had to disconnect it from the fuse panel and unbolt it from the floor!!!)



right idea, the mixer is made in Brazil, the processor I do not know.
I have a mobile pizza operation, so the size and weight are attractive to me, for placing them in the trailer.
There are some obvious pitfalls, in longevity, repairability, and parts,
…as for me, almost 57, repairability, longevity, and parts are a problem also !

thanks for your thoughts,

Mike, if you do decide to sell your extra mixer, be sure to consider trying it out first in the PMQ Classifieds section.


?? I have never seen the likes of that rectangle mixer here in asia :).

Do you really need a mixer in the truck? If you run out of dough one day you really aren’t going to get things back up and running for another 45 minutes to an hour, and that should be the end of the show.

I would look into more fridge space and prep your dough somewhere other than the truck. If you can’t store enough dough for a profitable day in one setting, then you might have problems.


Chris Pizza,

   Thanks for your thoughts.

That mixer is made in Brazil, S.A. I have never seen one here in the USA, maybe most are in Brazil.

  As for the mobile pizzeria, I hope I built it large enough to be self contained, just needing the same things as any pizzeria to operate, power and water.

If I anticipate I will need more dough, I will be able to make it up there, same as a stationary pizzeria.

a link with photos is below,



I agree with Chris that you need enough refrigeration to store all the dough for one day… or at least a good portion of it. I’m imagining this being a 2 person operation, so it isn’t like you can get some of the employees in the back to make the dough, while you continue to make pizzas and cash people out in the front. Of course, all of this would be a good thing, because you would be busy.

Since you will be mobile, I also agree that you need to make your own dough, but I think you will want to make enough to make it through the entire day.