Looking for Equipment.

Hi Guys,

Looks like my place will be sold shortly, I am looking for used equipment so that I can start up my new location, Anyone know of places that are closed or went out of business and have equipment for sale in the GA and FL area? Please let me know.


Howdy Tango…I’m not sure it’s still “active” but I was watching a pizzeria auction on www.biddta.com that was in FL…might be worth a look.



Tom @ theovenguy.com. He can get almost anything you need used & install it.

Tom @ theovenguy.com. He can get almost anything you need used & install it.

And he’s from Gainesville. I would reccomend him as well.

Hi Tango;

Phone Eric at 423-432-9537 He was liquidating several stores may still have some.

George Mills

I know one company not to buy from… acitydiscount.com! There are three items that I ordered from them on 12-16, and I still don’t have them! At the time that I ordered these items from them they all showed up as being in stock so I was really expecting them in a week or two, otherwise I would not have ordered from them. Every single time I call the order fullfilment department does not answer the phone, this leads me to believe that this department does not exist. I then call the operator or sales staff and ask them about my order, and I get a different story each and every single I call. I will never buy from them again!

Wow. I buy used stuff from them extensively. I am sorry you have bad experiences with them. Mine have been exceptional, and probably the opposite of yours. ACityDiscount.com is aces in my book. Must be a consistency issue.

Hey tangopizza, I am Tom, “the oven guy” that Crusher and Paul7979 spoke of. I can find whatever you might be looking for, in nice condition, and at a fair price. And as Paul7979 mentioned, I am nearby(in Gainesville, FL.) I need to come over to Jacksonville to pick up some equipment inside of the next 10 days; if you’d like to meet to discuss your equipment needs, eMail tom@theovenguy.com we’ll pick a time that’s convenient for you. Good luck!

Found a sucker did ya?

There are a half a dozen places within a mile of your shop that sell better pizza.

Get that guy off of Baymeadows with the sandwich board. Someone’s gonna run over him.

$4.67 for two slices and a drink, and good luck keeping it down.


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EDIT: I’m just yankin’ your chain. :lol:

Howdy, neighbor! 8)

You are right I hate my pizza too :slight_smile: and thanx for the compliment.

Thanx for the help guys, I will check out the places you recommended.

Heh. I’ve been coming into your shop for a few years from time to time. Usually whenever I shop at the shoe store there a couple of doors down.

You’ve got better pie than most. I just thought I’d ruffle your feathers a little. :lol:

Serious about that guy with the sandwich board though. He looks miserable!

hahahah you are right about that he did the sign job for couple days and then he quit. I have nobody to hold it now and my regular employees don’t want to.