Looking for Everyone's Input for Dough Ball Sizing.

Hello Everyone,

Just wondering how big the range is for the size of doughballs for the different sizes of pizzas (Hope that makes sense)…

Anyways, I am using a New York style dough/ crust (Thank You Mr. Lehman). I plan on offering a 16, 14, 12, and 8 pizza at my shop.

Just wondering how big the range is (in ounces) for each pizza size. I currently use a 20-21 oz dough ball for my 16". But haven’t made any other sizes yet and want to save some experimentation time and ask you all.

Thanks in advance.

If you are happy with the thickness of the crust with what you are doing on the 16" the all you have to do is the math for the other sizes. A 14" pizza is 77% of the size of a 16" so a dough ball for your 14" should be 15-16 oz, your 12" should be 56% of 16" so 11-12 oz, and the 8" is 25% so it should be around 5 oz.

The formular is Pi X Radius X Radius = Square inches, then you divide the area of the dough by the area of the 16" dough to find the percentage, then you multiply the weight of the 16" dough by that percentage to get the size you need for the smaller dough ball.

I hope that is not too confusing.

Guess I should have paid more attention in Algebra…or is that Trigonometry…whatever it is, THANK YOU Daddio…greatly appreciate it!

I beleive it was geometry but I missed the boat when it came to spellin stuff rite. By the way you should use the same percentages when working out the amount of toppings to put on your pizzas too.

Not long ago, an acquaintance asked Tom for some advice on dough ball weights for his NY style dough formulation given in the Recipe Bank–if that is what you are using–and Tom suggested 13.5 ounces for the 14" size and 17.75 ounces for the 16" size. Using the same math, by my calculation a dough ball for a 12" pizza would be just under 10 ounces (9.95 oz.) and a dough ball for an 8" pizza would be around 4.5 ounces (4.42 oz.).


Here are the sizes we use:

12" 11oz
14" 18oz
16" 25oz

hey rookie, hope things are going well.i use 18oz 16", 16" thin crust 15oz. 10" 7oz same for calzones and boli’s. one thing i noticed is we are better off offering one size 18" slice and take-out ,10" personal,calzone,boli.this eliminates the need for so many different size balls but yet being able to create 4 products with only 2 ball sizes it helps everyone all around and the customers never questioned why we dont have different sizes.plus if you run out or sell more of one then the other you can take from the 18oz to make the personal and calzones.the different sizes also caused alot of confusion with the changing shifts of the pizza makers and waitress .

We make ours a little thicker

8" 6 oz
12" 14 oz
14" 18 oz
16" 25 oz


This thread discussed techniques for combining dough balls of different sizes: http://www.pmq.com/tt/viewtopic.php?p=44360#44360.


We weigh all our dough balls to 18 oz. Then for a large we use 1.5. A small 1 ball, an individual 1/2 ball and a medium we use one ball and a bit of scrap dough. Makes it easy to ball dough and easy to use dough multi purpose.