Looking for experienced Pizzaiolo

New Neapolitan shop opening in Indiana early in 2015. Looking for Pizzaiolo to join our team. Experience working in Naples, Italy is ideal, but not a requirement. Owner willing to help with relocation expenses if necessary.

Does it specifically need to be a woman? I see you put an “a” on the end of pizzaiolo. I know a few trained pizzaioli who live in Italy who love to come work in America. Would you be willing to be a sponsor on a work visa?

Absolutely not - my mistake. ZI change the post. I would love to learn more about work visa and the candidates.

Hey Randy, I reached out to a few of the Italian pizza chefs I know who told me they were looking for work in America. I met them all at competitions and they are top notch guys. If any of them bite I’ll get ask for their CV info. Where in Indiana is it?

awesome it is in southern Indiana. A city called Evansville. Metro area is around 250,000 people. Let me know if you need more info ? Are you on LinkedIn ?

My Name is Tim. I have new a pizza shop in Gatlinburg, Tn. I would be interest to on sponsoring.

Also looking for pizzaiolo for new pizzeria in Los Angeles