Looking for good bar food/ appetizers

Anything new and exciting in the world of appetizers? So far the new menu has, quesadillas, wings, boneless wings, fried mozz, deep fried pickles (yes I am in TN and they sell great). What else am I missing? I have a late night drunk kinda rough crowd… anyone anyone?

No such thing as “boneless” wings! Feature some good southern fried tenders, ala Zaxby’s, eyc - use your rocky top roots…think BBQ sliders, pig wings, slaw dawgs…

But pigs do somehow have wings? As if! Your fryer is a wonderland if you want it. If you have dough, you have little panzerotti (think fried pierogi-sized things almost little calzone?), zeppole (fried dough). Find a good batter and fry EVERYTHING . . . oreos, mushrooms, brownie and cookie dough chunks, Snickers, batter-dipped slices of pizza, banana and/or apple with caramel or chocolate dipping sauce, egg rolls or a pizzeria version, fried ravioli varieties endless there, battered zucchini rounds or sticks, battered green/black olives stuffed with garlic, battered jalapeno stuffed w/cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, ad infinitum.

Baked parmesan twists (pizza dough), foccacia, “french bread” pizzas using half a hoagie roll, soft pretzels, meatballs in marinara/sweet-sour/bbq/honey mustard/etc., think slicer sized roll with pepperoni, fresh mozz and pizza sauce. pigs in blankets (hot dog hunks in pizza dough)

Pepperoni/ham rolls . . . roll your dough and cut into wedges like a pizza, some cheese along the dough, some sliced meat, then roll up like a croissant. Bake and butter at end. Serve with a dipping sauce.

BOILED PEANUTS or fried peanuts (start with green peanuts and fry them).

I think I just gained 4 pounds just reading that! And…my heart hurts :wink:

wow, good advice!

We have a selection of appetizer recipes available on our website at http://www.BurkeCorp.com/Recipes for help with brainstorming. Select menu part and appetizer.

For those of you on the west coast, a partner company of ours - Swiss American Sausage Co. - has a variety of chicken wings available.

Fried calamari
buffalo calamari

Sysco has a full line of products that are actually pretty good

Fried mac n cheese, coconut shrimp, mini tacos, breaded blue cheese sticks etc.

You need some Jalapeno Poppers. And if you have a late night “drunk” clientele they need to be greasy! Check out my blog for a recipe I have for Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers stuffed with cheese and sausage.

These bad boys are not only EXACTLY what you want in a late night snack but they are cheap and easy to make! Enjoy

I second the previous post on the sausage stuffed poppers, but I’m not sure I have the time/room to use them in a Pub situation. We’ve used a “Shrimp on the half-shell” from Anchor before. We call them a “D.G Rattler”…it’s the 1/2 jalapeno, with a tail-on shrimp stuffed into the cream cheese or cheddar cheese mix. Breaded and deep fried delicious! I don’t have the product code here with me at home, but any Anchor rep can find them.

Fried Mac N Cheese Balls! Mmmmmmmm

there’s no such thing as ‘boneless’ wings but there are ‘pig’ wings? What on earth is a pig wing?