Looking for interior decor ideas.

Really want to make my place look nice. Just finished the floor. All 1800sqft ceramic tile. Nice tan color. Have an idea for the dining room. Looking for ideas about what to do with the kitchen. Plain white walls? Has to be easy to clean…oh yeah so far the walls are white painted block. Want it to look more up scale.


My dining room has 12 framed pictures from despair.com

People don’t get it at first but once they do they stand up and read every one of them.

It’s pretty funny.

My kitchen is painted darkish yella…mustard I guess with a tile floor also yellow, with a few reds sprinkled in every once in a while.

That’s great! I’ve passed around mini-prints of despair posters to staff before…


I have a photo bucket that I started with some pictures of my dining room and other stuff. The paintings are from a group of struggling artists. I thought it might be tacky (prices on the paintings and for sale on the wall) but these are original oil paintings that sold for much less in my shop than anywhere else. Our guests really loved them.