Looking for Investors:


I have been an active reader in PMQ for years. Opening a pizza concept has always been a dream of mine.
I have a lot of experience in the restaurant industry in all aspects. I have been developing an idea for a pizza concept for years. IT is finally ready to go and is very developed. ITs a great idea for a pizza place and beyond. I am simply looking for an investor whom would like a pratical return. There is a lot of oppourtunity for growth in this concept with the possibility to future franchise. I figured I would post on here as many people in this fourm are already in the business and may be looking to do something else. Please respond to me with serious inquires only, as I do not want to waste my time or yours. Thanks for yor time! And keep working hard in your dream and business. Thanks to PMQ for having this fourm!

I have noticed a lot of reads on this. No one has contacted me as well. This really is a great concept and O am not looking for an incredible amount. I would consider partnerships as well as percentage returns. Feel free to contact me on here: And then we can discuss some options.

It is generally looked at skeptically when someone asks for money without any “history”.

Most of us would not loan money to people we have known for years, much less from someone we will most likely never meet.

Try contacting a brokerage firm in your own city to find leads for “angel investors”.
Check with Wells Fargo, Merril Lynch etc. Good brokers will know of folks who are “risk oriented”.

Just remember…the more risk to someone…the more return they will require from their investment.


Sorry man. This is a terrible first post but…I tink everyone on here is gonna tell u to go blow. When someone is looking on the interwebs for money it makes me ask? hmmm no friends? no business partners? no contacts? no nutn. ??? buuut i do wish you the best. good luck with ur awesome idea. this biz is tough… im twenty years in and still learning. vry happy ive had the opportunity to listen to some peeps here. hopefully at some point i will contribute. me two cents and offtopic–back of register tape ads—not worth it even at $100/month…which is what i got them down to. and im literally across the street from the shaws. although i do think i got decent eyeballs on my place just not $600 bux worth…(6 @ $100/monthy/6 months)

Actually I know of these firms that invest. . I want to work with a private investor. And an investor that is in the business. That is why I thouht that this forum is a great place to put it out there. Which it is. I have plenty of history / friends/ family. I was always tought in good business that it is not generally wise to work with them. OF course there are many many ways to look at that.
The fact is . There is a cartain maket in the Eastern US city. And a great oppourtunity to any investor.
There are many private lenders and even commercial web sites that offer many services. I imagined that people on here would be interested in a great idea, instead of knowing everything of course and telling a member to go blow themselves.

Let me guess, if a customer finds Jesus’ face in the cheese they get pizza for life.
Anyway, no sensible person with a good plan would even try to hustle money from a hardened group of experienced pizza shop owners. Per Bubba’s comments, if you can’t find local contacts to support your idea then your toast. Want to know how to make a small fortune in the pizza business? In your case, start with a large fortune. Good luck.


huh??? Hustle money ? Talking to seasoned restaurant owners is a great way to generate funds for start ups. Many many people that are in the restaurant business invest into other restaurant business.
That fact is many people on here may be interested in investing to my idea. Not even just my idea but they are looking to invest in any good concept that makes sense. It never hurts to ask and put it out there. Thanks again for your negative response. I will be sure not to go to Boulder Creek Pizza while skiing the Denver area.

On another note:
Thanks for all of your posivie support! And keep me posted if your interested. Who is my Skark tank lol


Talking to seasoned restaurant owners is a great way to refine ideas. Let us know what you thinking about doing and you’ll get lots of pragmatic feedback. I know a number of successful restaurant owners in my area and the success is a function hard work and backbone with proper management of food and labor costs. I’ve also seen great ideas predicated upon high food and or high labor costs flop because the margins were not there.
If you can generate the funds locally and need experienced feedback on how to execute, fire away. I just think most people here know better then to co-invest. Of the 10 restaurant owners I know, I would lend money to a few but they would never need to ask. Those that would ask I would not lend to.

I understand you point. I have a lot of experince. I opened a place with a partner within the last few years. It was pretty successful. I sold my share in it as I wanted to do my own thing. Since then I have created a great business plan and concept. I never approached investors before other than family or friends. I am not sure of even how to do it. This is why I try here! It does not hurt to try! I am looking for a small invetment literally. Around $30,000 the cost of a new Honda?
I plan on renting, I have a lot of equipment in storage, and a great plan. I am certainly not trying to waste anyones time. The idea for this place is in an area where rent is affordable and there are plenty of large food distributors. I have Everything ready to roll. Plan , menu, concepts, everything down to even a cash flow chart. The plan is to open one in the city I have in mind, and do another within two to three years in a different city that I have researched. IT makes great business sense. And of course would be a lot of work = however I think there is some great potential. Thanks for everyones input and thoughts! I did expect this as I know what it’s like to join a fourm lol.
Pizza!!! n

Why not share your idea a little and get some constructive feedback first. Right now you have blindly asked for a “new honda.” $30k is nothing and will not get you very far unless we are talking about a hot dog stand or something. The one thing that everyone here knows is that starting without the right funds available will end in disaster 99% of the time. It is great to crunch numbers and think that you can make it on a low end budget to get started…but the first $5k surprise and you are done. Start with sharing a little and you never know…maybe there is a lurker around here that is looking for a high risk investment with someone they do not know. See how that sounds? Now, that being said, there are people out there that do invest like that…but you would still be better off talking about your plan first and hearing some imput by people that live this everyday. You also mention having been in a startup for 2 years and selling off your part. If this was successful…then you should have it a little bit easier to find local interest in your ideas since you have a proven track record. Share…and see where it goes. :idea:

Maybe you need to pitch this to “Shark Tank”…

@ Royster 13:

lol I do need to go on the Shark Tank!!!

I am hesitant to share my idea so openly: It’s a great idea and there are many people on here would simply have the money to start.
I ask for $30,000 is all only due to have funds available as well.
I imagine I prob have some local interest in my area. I have not really approched many prospect investors as its a smaller city.
Anyhow I do appreciate people taking the time out of their to respond thank you!

No offense please…but I am from Chicago and have seen just about every idea one could imagine tried. Some work…95% fail. Give us an idea of what you are thinking…and trust me there are not too many that are going to drop everything and run out the door to steal an idea they hear. You say $30k for funds available… may I ask what additional funds you have to put in with that investment? Pizza stores require many “new hondas” to get going and survive. If you will not share anything…you will not get any interest. If you want investors… you need to market your idea and trust me… every idea can usually be improved upon. You are trying to protect your dream but by doing so you are missing out on the thousand years of combined pizza experience that you are asking for a blind handout.

I’d be hesitant to even give you further information, as you never acknowledged or responded to my private email to you…

That shows/tells me something…

If you really have your sh*t together & are ready to pitch it to someone, have 'em sing a non-disclosure doc…

But chances are your idea is just another rehash of all the other ideas we’ve had ourselves…

I reckon very few on this site would invest in your concept, as if they had the money available, they’d prob open another store of their own!


@ Patriot Pizza

I never have received a email from you? My e-mail address is DJpmc@hotmail.com. Maybe you had copied it wrong, or there may be a mistake on here? And yes I would have anyone whom reviews it as a serious investor sign a non - disclosure- doc. I never had used this site for this. Only looking personally and thought hey what the hell. I am not sure of PMQ’s hits to the site or traffic info. But it sure never hurts to try. thank you for your input!

Looking for investors for a pizza concept will be a tough sell. The kind of investor that looks at these deals will expect 30% annual return. It will be locked up as convertable debt with a liquidation preference. They will look for a proven track record of startups with proven payout history and for a plan with scale. $30,000 does not have scale.

As an investor, I would be more interested in a roll-out that started with 10 stores and plans to go to 20 and 50 than I would be in investing in one… and honestly, would be more likely to invest 100K than 30K if I thought the idea was going to work and there were seasoned pros running the show.

If what you need is 30K, you should either talk to your banker about a home equity line or to family members about a loan.

A PM (private message) was sent to you via this board & if you provided a correct email address, you would have seen it…

So if you only need 30,000 why not pick up a part time job for a year and save it? Then you don’t have to deal with anyone. As dave ramsey says the only ship sure to sink is a partnership.

Truly good luck to ya. It is great to have the passion and as I say pizza in my veins…use that passion to make it happen for yourself.

Needing only 30k raises a flag. That means you either have six figures already on your own, and if that is the case why bring on a partner, or you have underestimated what opening a shop is going to cost.

@Kris- Most part time jobs do not pay $30,000 a year or I would be all over it lol!

@aj453 – I have money to invest sure. Equipment in storage. A possible place to rent with a shell. I have done the research and that is what I am asking around.

So far most of the advice on here has been negative. I think one of the best was Shark Tank.

And or the possibility of me talking more about my idea. However that is more for chat.