Looking for Investors:

I for one appreciate the sense of urgency and enthusiasm when you have an idea that is “can’t miss”. I had one when I opened my store in 2004. We did it on shoestring, had fairly quick sales increases, and we did it with local money borrowing. Actually an SBA micro loan.

I don’t doubt you believe in your concept and plan. What I ask you to consider is that the “track record” you keep mentioning is not with us, and is not based on a long-standing reputation with the people who read this forum. Asking for anonymous investment is a long shot at best from business owners here. We (many of us) are all strengthening our own businesses during the off cycle, working to stay viable in our own rights.

A new start-up with a “new concept” headed by someone who has no documented credentials presented, in a new city that we don’t even know about . . . that’s gonna take some trust building, and you can see that there isn’t much trust building up yet. We are generally a skeptical bunch, but we know business in various forms, and we know that a stranger with his hand out for money on an internet forum probably isn’t getting any success from local traditional lenders. Banks are gonna give far better terms than a random investor would expect. I think you will be able to generate some interest in your project somewhere, but just not with the limited info you have given, and not in this group.

I mean, really; how much cash on hand are you bringing to the deal? What’s the risk you have in the game? That small piece of information gives a lot of perspective to the conversation.

I am just thinking that if you can talk about 30K , the price of a Honda, as if it is no big deal to put at risk in something you have no control over, you are not running in the same circles I am.

I dont think an investor is right for you man. If you have the experience, the equipment, a ‘can’t miss’ idea, and only need 30k, I’m not sure what you would need an investor for. With little collateral, a traditional loan should be no problem. Plus, the interest rates would probably be much better!

Also you have all this equipment in storage. Why? You said you were bought out of your previous venture around 2 years into it. Can you give the details of that one. How does one end up with equipment for a restaurant in storage if they were bought out? Sounds more like business that failed and you now are sitting on a bunch of used items and a new “can’t fail” business plan that you will not give any details about and just want a silent partner to give you capital to run with and not ask any questions. Like I previously said…you are sitting here with people that for right or wrong have a lot of experience in all the issues that you need to be talking about. Some will agree and support your plan and some will laugh at it and say you are crazy. Bottom line is you are not giving us anything to judge this on. You are getting negative answers because we do not know you and you are not introducing your plan to be reviewed accordingly. You are not going to get started with $30k and you say you have money to invest also… I am hoping it is in the mid 6 figures range because that is realistically where you need too be. I would suggest you fill in the blanks or look elsewhere. Once again, like others have said… people with the extra money would most likely expand locally by adding another store or expanding their current one… and not steal your idea. I will also say it once again, and sorry if I offend you by this, but there are not a lot of mind-blowing ideas out there. Like the song says… “its all been done before!”

Hit me up IN a PM here, I’d love to talk to you more. I’ve built a huge Empire in the midwest catering TO the deaf community by marketing keywords and google ads on the TTY/TDD network. The calls take a little longer and fronting the currier fees can be a bit overwhelming for the first few months, but with AN average ticket of well over $300.00, it’s easy pickings from then ON. All you have TO do is satisfy one of those orders and you’ll start getting 8-10 of those orders every day easy and they never ask for discounts or any perks.

Thanks Indie, I literally LOL’ed :smiley:

Indie… :mrgreen:

That is funny!

So do all of those assisted orders include the manditory 1000% tip to the driver also? I am guessing that Indie delivers them himself since he pays using tip credit and all! LMAO! :stuck_out_tongue:

OP keeps talking about a business plan, but I gotta say that begging is not a business model. Never has been.

People invest in hard numbers, not entitlements and emotions.

Coming up with tangible stuff is the hard work here. I don’t think you even have an executive summary. Others have said to post your plan as well. You mentioned an NDA? Seriously? Ain’t a VC or angel investor who signed one of those since the Clinton administration. Do you really think that most posters here don’t have their own good ideas that keep them more than busy, and a list of things to implement linger than their make line?

The chances are it’s already been done. People don’t come here to troll for new business models. Technically you could say a lot of us had stole stuff off the BBS, but seriously. Big Dave’s BLT pizza is really good, and well worth stealing.

On top of that, if nobody has thought of your idea before (possibility: nil), then they sure will the second you open your doors. You are 1000 times better off having it run through the ringer here before you take the next step.

Some of you are so politcally correct and kindhearted…doesn’t surprise me at all, since you are always accommodating and try to be helpful to anyone with a problem or legitimate industry question.

In this case I am not nearly so accepting. This guy is a schmuck, he’s misleading in nearly every instance and he really thinks that if he is persistant one of us will cough up enough cash for him to either fail again or simply evaporate into thin air like a $9 pizza and a cold beer. What is this “Can’t Fail” business concept anyway…a Nigerian Coal-fired Pie and Wire Me Some Cash front?

Get this guy off of here as fast as possible, or, in the alternative, don’t even think about giving him the time of day.

Its quite interesting how negative most of these posts are. I have a complete business plan to go. Any time someone would like to talk privatly about it I will. Of course if it is a serious inqury. I have equipment in storage not because of a failed business?? Because I go to restaurant equipmemnt auctions all the time. I am located in NY and have space to for storage. I am not saying that it’s a compete fresh idea or it has not been done before. It just has not been done in the proposed market. I have never posted on here before about looking for investors. I liked the ideas some people have about some of the smaller loans I could most likely get. Thank you for your input.

@ Pie Dad a schmuck? Get this guy off from here??? Great input Pie Dad
No offense I am not sure where your store is even located.
If you own a pizza shop you most likey have some sandwhiches, wings, pizza yea?
I guarantee that my product would crush your hands down in any official contest.
We can even set one up! Funded by you of course. Unless you eat your words.
Then you can be my investor.
IT can be a simple official contest. With all your input I imagine you have great ideas for it. But ya better start practising your consitancy, your sauce, and most of all I imagine you do not this great NY hard water we have all over the state!!!
Let me know when ? We can get it sponsored by PMQ and whom ever else wants to throw down!!!
IT will be fun :slight_smile:

Hey I am all for someone wanting to open a pizza place. I do believe fresh ideas are still out there. I believe it is great to have equipment you have bought from auctions in storage ready to go. That is all of the things we had 17 years ago when we opened ours.

I think the reason you are getting negative feedback here is basically anyone can have a splendid idea they are a dime a dozen. From our collective hundreds of years experience we are telling you that you have to have more than that to invest. It takes money. People in the pizza biz with 30,000 sitting around have no reason to invest in YOUR idea…after all their’s has obviously already worked.

You completely shut down the idea of getting a part time job to save the money. So ya can’t do it in a year… how bout year and half. If I needed 30,000 quick I could deliver pizzas as a part time job for 18 months and get the money in addition to savings from my regular income. Been there done that and would still do it.

PMM…you just are not getting it. I hope you do have a “can’t fail” idea but the reality is…everyone on this board has had their own “can’t fail” ideas and guess what…a lot have failed and lost everything. As Kris said…there are still new ideas out there to be done. That being said…they are really few and far between. The economy sucks. Money is tight. People, investors, banks, etc…are not willing to take the risks right now like you could get done 5 years ago. Blindly asking strangers for money is really not the most productive way. We have asked for some imput about your business plan and you have giving nothing except wanting us too waste time with NDA’s and other secret handshakes. Now that the tone has turned in this thread I think the mod’s should just shut it down. It is going nowhere because you have taken it too that point. Many have pointed out the years of experience that you are passing on here by only asking for an investment. I am 100% sure that if we knew your “can’t fail” idea that you would walk away with a better plan in the end…but no… you will not give us the time of day. Your lose. Maybe the reason it is not being done in your area is because much smarter people with much deeper pockets have already looked into it and said “can and will fail” ??? Best of luck too you with your secret endeavor. :?


I work a corporate job full time which of course sucks my sole. I work a part time job two days a week and I look for possible “gigs” on Craigs list all the time! IT will not be long till I generate these funds. 30,000 is 30,000 and I do not have it. That is what I need to swing the doors. Including most hidden fees mst people do not know about or realize. For instance in NYS we have caberet license along with so much ascap and bmi it’s crazy. I had a business for three years. It was called The Mad Moose Woodfire Pizza. I sold the concept after three years. I sold due the the fact my main ivestor know NOTHING of the restaurant business and wanted a club more than a place to eat. I sold to the current owners whom developed it into a club at first lol then in what it is now a BBQ place. Big changes I guess for them lol.
I feel this concept will work do to simple business. I develop the plan and redevelop it stripping it down. To swing the doors ! I enjoy this business! IIsnt that “sick” lol . And it’s one of the only things I am good at. I live breath and dream it! And this time around right and on my own.
Sure it’s a chance ANYTHING could fail. Opening a business you ALWAYS take that risk. And the number do not lie. 90% + places fail. That show on Tv kills me to watch with Gordam Ramsey al these people with money and restaurants they do not know how to run. It’s a joke . I would trade shoes with many of those people and be happier than my corparate suck your sole job!
Thank you for all the posivitve posts and I continue my search for an investor/ and not just on PMQ forums! But what a good place to start! I like all the frinedly advise!

Now we are just laughing at you dude. Your last post was the whip cream and cherry. Let me get this straight.

Your job is sucking your life
Your old partners were idiots
Hidden fees will get you
Others don’t know how to run their own restaurants

You somehow have the illusion that a pizza place won’t suck your soul. You are ignoring what is clearly obvious to the rest of us. Seriously, for those of us who have been here for years, do you think this is the first post like this we have ever seen? Some greenhorn with no clue and a secret secret to success without a penny begging for start up cash.

Really, what are the chances that someone is sitting in your city with the 100k they would need to open a pizza shop, just looking for a new idea? Slim to none. The idea of opening a successful place with 30k, no matter what equipment you might have in storage is a joke. That won’t even cover your first month’s food and labor cost, let alone leave any free cash for marketing.

Just a tip though for future reference, getting defensive and blaming the world for your problems only puts the rest of the internet on the offensive.


Yes corporate jobs sucks your sole. Many people say this? You have never heard this before? 
Your right my last partners were idiots.
Most of the hidden fees I am aware of. It sucks they have to be paid? They get everyone? Most people with restaurants agree.
Yes there is a show that has Gordan Ramsey where he goes into peoples failing restaurants and fixes obvious problems. I was referencing a tv show. For fun and to make a point. Obviously that you didn't see.

Greenhorn? I may have more years in this business overall than you?

I need an investment for $30K if you had read ANY of the other posts it’s clear that I also have finance to put into the venture I still simply need $30K. I thin that pretty good considering today’s economy. If I asked for much much more people would be more happy? Odd
There are many many people in my city with much over $100k. Who knows if they want to open a venture? It does not hurt to find interested parties on this forum. And it never hurts to try.
30k for for one months food cost and payroll? Wow you either have a HUGE place that’s ridiculously busy -which means your making a lot of money! And have $30k for me! OR you have NO idea how to run a place. $30,000 a month on pay roll and food is a pretty decent operation.
Marketing is expensive. But as your involved right now the power of the social internet is a great free tool!
Where did I blame the world for any of my problems?
See it’s easy to get defensive when people only assume.
It’s like you only read one page of this post. And decided to talk wastefully.

Why PMM, whatever do you mean? Maybe pizza’s just not your game. I know! Let’s have a spelling contest!

[size=2]And just for the benefit of the doubt, what is your first month’s projected AWUS?[/size]

Social media marketing does not work for me. You know what does? Spending 8,000 on a mailer. Good luck

I think my questions got lost in the noise. I ask in sincerity, PizzaMakerMan. What is the overall budget of the project, and what percentage equity are you bringing to the party? It will give perspective to the overall amount you are looking for from investors. $30K of a $120K projected project is different than $30K of a $250K project . . . both with the other guy having the rest of the risk and liability. See where I am going? What are you actually seeing as your bottom line overall need that you are gathering . . .all told? Give us something that gives us the trust that you have a real vision of what this entails . . . emotions are running fast and loose, so I want to get back to real information exchange.

Ahhhh Nick…always the voice of reason… :mrgreen: