Looking For Job Leads In The KC Area For Former A++ Emplyee

My former kitchen manager is moving to the Kansas City area to attend a tremendous culinary school. Unfortunately, he has a 5 year gap in his resume from being a professional musician and is having a tough time finding a job to help make ends meet. He needs to be in a full kitchen to develop his skills (i.e. more than making pizza), so I don’t know if anyone here would be a good fit. But, if anyone has any contacts, you could probably earn some serious points with them by setting them up with my guy. Young man is a dream employee: hard worker, high standards for his own work and makes other employees follow suit, charisma to spare, craves learning new things, unending patience with less competent (or less motivated) employees, not shy about presenting new ideas to management to increase quality, efficiency, or profitability.

His wonderful wife is also looking for a bartending job. She’s worked at the local “high end” downtown bar for several years and I’ve never been able to talk her into a free drink or heavy pour. She also has a great personality and is fun to be around. I have never employed her, so I can’t vouch for any other employee issues.