Looking for new deck pizza oven

So after 15 yrs of my old bakers Pride D125, Im seriously looking into replacing. Ive spent about 10k in replacement guts over this time, so the question is after looking at multiple ovens, and thinking. Ive worked with bakers pride for over 30+ yrs. I came across this one in particular Sierra Range Volare - Double Rotary Deck Stainless Steel Natural Gas Pizza Ovens. Has anyone been using this? What about replacement parts, how easy is it to fix, replace parts etc. Looking for suggestions as I would love to stick with a deck oven, not a huge fan of conveyor type ovens, i want to stick with traditional stone decks
Also possibly looking at the Moretti Forni P150G A2 Double Deck Gas Pizza Oven, 58" W x 34" x 7" H

No experience with the Sierra Range Volare but it seems you’d lose a lot of heat through the front glass doors. Also, since it’s a single rotator, if it broke your whole oven would be out of commission. With the double of triple stacked decks, you are only likely to have 1 deck in need of repair so your not out of business waiting on parts.

I use Montague 25p-2 deck ovens and love them!

Iam aware of that. Ive spoke to one of the sales reps they claim be very efficient. Just looking around, ive worked with bakers pride my whole life and love it. Just mine is really old and really needs replaced, my top deck the rails in the back, i have fire bricks holding the railings up because their rusted out, also bakers pride are really exapensive on new ovens.

Never worked with that one is it similar to a bakers pride??

They are built like a beast! Turn them off at 9pm and they are still almost hot enough to cook a pie in the morning. Very efficient and cool even.

Well maybe i will have to look into that thanks for the suggestion