Looking for ovens...

Hello fellow TT members!
I am looking for a double stack of either Blodgett 1000’s or a double stack of BP Y600’s.
I’ve found some on Ebay, but most are through dealers that are crazy on price. If any of you know about some, or know of an auction in your area that will have some listed, please let me know.
Thanks everyone! :smiley:

Hi T Pizza:

The primary reason that the majority of Y-600 ovens are offered by dealers is that they weigh 1375 Lb per deck. Most operators have no way to handle an item of that size and weight.

Note also that deck ovens start rusting internally as soon as the pilot light go out and buyers that have no reconditioning shop are intimidated by the rust bucket appearance of deck ovens that have been disconnected for a time.

The upshot of the two situations above is usually the operator calls a dealer to remove the heavy units and then the dealer reconditions the ovens.

George Mills