Looking for parts for Hobart HF-190 Mixer

This is a long shot, but worth a try. The circuit board on our Hobart HF-190 mixer is starting to go (it only works intermittently). Hobart doesn’t make the part anymore and I can’t find it anywhere online. Does anyone have any parts for the HF-190 or an old HF-190 that they’re looking to get rid of :slight_smile: Trying to avoid paying $30k for a new mixer because of one part that doesn’t work. Everything else works great.

Have you contacted Hearitage Parts 8004585593
If not sucesfull we sell excelent reconditioned Hobart H600 $7200.00 plus shipping. Includes bowl guard

Thanks! I tried Heritage and they don’t stock the part anymore. We have an H600 that we use for sauce and a nussex spiral mixer as a back up dough mixer. We like having something bigger like the HF190 because we make dough for several locations.

Have you checked with R.T. Bundy and Assoc., Urbana, Ohio? They are the world’s largest used and reconditioned bakery equipment company. Over 11 acres of equipment! Give them a call and see what they might have in inventory with regard to a large commercial spiral type dough mixer. If they have something in their inventory it’ll probably be priced very reasonably as they deal mostly in the really big stuff, like horizontal mixers with a dough capacity of 800 to 2000-pounds. and all the neat toys it takes to process all that dough in 15-minutes. Many of the larger pizza commissaries deal with them.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor