Looking for parts....

I’m looking to collect parts for the old Lincoln 1000 conveyor ovens. If you guys come across any please PM me.

Thanks in advance.

Funny thing, I was just about to post on the subject

I have 2 stacks of lincoln 1000’s in a storage shed (in Houston) and was wondering where would be the best
place to advertise them for sale. One stack I used for 7 years, the other stack i bought at auction and never used.
I have gotten a few parts off of them*, but between them I reckon you could get one good stack going and still have a few spare parts. I’d like to get a couple thousand for them as is.


*window glass, rear motor cover, speed control parts, various nuts and bolts etc

Thanks Paul. I guess I should clarify a little. If pizza operators hear or find out about that particular old equipment, parts in particular, I’d appreciate hearing about it. I’m not looking to purchase the ovens.