Looking for the best Driver Gps tracking system

want to keep track of where drivers on a map in the store real time either using android or iphone or other. anyone using a reliable system,

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I have spoken to a small local taxi operator asking what they do to track their drivers, and he has gotten iPhones for each vehicle and uses the “Share Location” feature on them.
I am going the same route, that way I cannot hear “I ran out of minutes, my phone wasn’t charged, etc etc etc” and if someone goes missing, We can determine where the heck they are, and contact them to find out WTF is going on.

I haven’t needed this until a few weeks back when my only driver for the night went missing for over an hour on a 12 minute run, then he was gone for 2 hours on a 45 minute run with 3 drops, That was his last (Final) shift.
Why do these kids think they can pull this garbage and we won’t notice?

I’ve been having the exact same issue. I was looking for something that could work with my current POS system.

I do not think your going to find a vehicle tracking system that interfaces with a POS system, but the iphone and google maps will work if tracking is allowed on google maps on the phone

While part of me would love a system i can check on my drivers at any time (specially with a customer on the phone wanting to know where their order is), the other part of me trusts my employee’s to do the job.

I can generally guesstimate how long a delivery will take. Some drivers are faster then others, but anything beyond the norm i will notice and they will get asked why it took so long.

The only thing i can think of/seen is what GotRocks suggested.


Interesting, but this throws a red flag for me;
“Based on testing, a typical busy delivery shift estimating 200 miles of driving should not exceed 30MB of data.”
So my full time drivers would eat up 150MB a week, or 600 to 750MB a month. And that is just for this one app.

Wow, that is a lot of data. Either it’s a requirement when they are hired, or you get phones for each car.

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I understand you wanting to be able to trust your drivers, I wanted to be able to trust mine too.
That was viable up until I had a guy run two orders that were less than 1 mile away, and he was gone for an hour, by this time, I had 3 other orders needing to go out,
Even allowing him 5 minutes at each customer’s home, he should have returned to the shop within 50 minutes. Well, 135 minutes later he comes rolling back in, then asks where the other cashier is, and I explained that she was out on the $200.00 delivery order that he was scheduled to deliver at a very specific time, and he wasn’t back in time to get it there so I sent someone else. He pitched a fit, I continually asked him where he was, what he was doing, and if he can account for his time out.

I never did get an answer of where he was, or what he was doing all that time that he went missing on those 2 runs, and since he could no longer be trusted, I let him go right then and there.

I’ve had drivers not have a working phones, so the idea of a company iPhone for each driver is the only way I can think of to make sure everyone has a working phone, Plus, if they go missing, a simple click on “Find My Iphone” brings everything into perspective. If I am forced to call and ask where they are, they happen to tell me one place, and I see they are not where they say they are, we can quickly solve that problem before it causes bigger problems.
I’ve had to replace a ton of orders due to drivers being incompetent, so I see the iphone being both a money-saver and an image saver for us too. Instant tracking, no expensive apps and data limits involved.

I’m thinking about making a solution for these problems discussed here.

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